Financial fatigue & a new plan

A host of things, financially, seem to be going wrong at the moment. Mainly because things keep breaking/not working and also because of my work situation. It’s getting really frustrating because, now more than ever, I need to know what I’m getting when and to save as much as I can before my maternity leave starts.

I’m now going to be getting paid at a different time of the month which means I’ve got to re-assess how I do my monthly budget. I’ve managed to rearrange the dates that things get paid today which is good. However, I’m going to have to stop my spending journal for now because my planned budget is now irrelevant. I’ve got to start again and work a few things out. Which is fine, except…

We got told today that Husband’s car can’t be fixed and will have to be scrapped. The plan had been to upgrade Husband’s car later in the year and a savings fund had been started, which will now have to go on buying a (very old/cheap) car. This means that not only do we not get any money from selling the about-to-be-scrapped car to put towards another one, but we have to pay the garage bill for the parts and time they spent trying to get it going. In addition to this, the car that we have been borrowing is now making a terrible noise and we have got to take it to the garage to be looked at as well. As if this isn’t enough car trouble to be having, the ‘new’ car that I bought only a week ago has to go back for work to be done. Although this is under warranty, we will still have to make a 60 mile round trip to drop it off and then again to pick it up. Argh!

So is it just car trouble? Nope. Last week the hot tap on our bath decided to stop working. At all. Thankfully we have a shower but all I really want is a long soak in the tub. And the boiler is still making weird noises. And our living room lamp stopped working ages ago. And my boots can’t be mended. And, frankly, I’m fed up with the lot of it!

We both got really stressed about it all today. I spent ages trying to work out various plans and in the end came up with one. This won’t sound particularly dramatic, but here it is. When I get paid I am – on purpose – not even going to attempt to save a penny of it. This is a fairly revolutionary idea for me these days. As I’m so close to my due date (in terms of saving) I really don’t like the idea of not putting something back – or having to raid the last bit of my emergency fund which was heavily plundered during the whole job change/car buying debacle. However, these things all need to get sorted and I’m fed up with waiting to get things in some kind of order. Enough is enough. For the rest of the month I am spending, not saving!

I think it’s a good plan. I don’t feel anything like as stressed out now. The emergency fund can be started again next month. Any other savings can also be started next month. This month is all about getting back on track. So here’s our ‘shopping/to do list’ (I wish I could say it was more exciting):

  • Pay the garage for the work already done on the ‘dead’ car
  • Get a quote on mending the borrowed car
  • Get the plumber to fix the tap and check out the boiler
  •  Replace my boots
  • Replace the lamp

I guess the last two aren’t essential but guess what? This month I just don’t care. No more broken stuff. No more managing without. Sometimes you’ve just got to let go, do what you need to do and start again (even though it does make you go GRRRRR) !

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10 thoughts on “Financial fatigue & a new plan

  1. thisthriftedlife

    Can you sell your old car for scrap metal? I had to junk a car once and sold it for its metal–$200. If you could do that instead of just junking it, you could put some of that money toward the repair bill.

  2. Sensible plan I think. It will feel so good to get all these things sorted and then you can start afresh.

  3. thefrenchchick

    Sometimes you have got to do what you have got to do. Getting the fixing/replacing done will be good. By the way, you never did tell us what husband made in the kitchen that day he banned you from it.

  4. Sounds like a good plan to me. Sometimes you’ve just got to get the niggly things in life sorted, no matter what it costs really, and then everything else becomes a lot easier to manage.

    I thing ‘thisthriftedlife’ has a good idea re: selling the car for scrap – even if you only got £50 or so for it, every little helps.

  5. shoestringalley

    Thanks all.

    FC – it was a kind of rustic tart made with puff pastry – very nice!!

    The garage is calling the scrap place for us and will take the scrap value off the bill so we should get a few pounds off!

  6. You have just dealt with it do brilliantly. Well bloody done. I have a little saying when things get really stressy and bad, which is ‘somethings gotta give, and its not going to be me’ there is no point running yourself into the ground for anything. The saving plan doesn’t work for a month – so what! and absolutely get the boots and the lamp too. No point living in deprivation. All will be fine.
    Have you thought of a car club? is that viable where you are? Our car was written off recently and we are going to go carless for a while to see how it goes. then join car club – where you pay by the hour.. it doesn’t work for every situation. but no more putting money aside in case the car beaks down for a wee while!

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks – it feels like the right approach to take. Everything sorted and no more stressing (or a bit less anyway…it still all has to be organised as yet)! I think car clubs are a great idea but there isn’t anything like that where we live alas. Wish the public transport was more frequent around here too!

  7. Richard

    If you can budget for it, the british gas service plan for boiler/heating controls includes an annual service and all parts/labour. I think you can get an initial repair included in the price for an additional one off payment rolled into the 12 month contract. Also the plumbing/drains cover is not all that expensive (I think i pay about £10 per property-I se it on all my rental properties.)Bath taps are not that difficult to change over for a competant DIY’er. Join Boots baby club and get a free changing bag. (You need to purchase a pack of nappies). Also Sainsburys have a baby club ‘Little Ones’ I recieved an email this evening offering some freebies if i joined. They must monitor nectar cards because we’ve been buying baby stuff for my brother and my wifes daughter.

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