Progress on the January list

I’ve done two things from my January ‘to do’ list today. First thing, quite an easy one I admit, I finally got around to getting my hair trimmed for the bargain price of £8 plus tip. The second thing was sorting through our DVDs – something This Thrifted Life also posted about doing recently.

 Last Spring I put a lot of our DVDs into one of those big wallet things and threw the covers away. However, there was still a lot (and I mean a lot) that I couldn’t seem to let go of. What with baby on the way, space is at a premium so I knew I was going to have to have a go at it again. I think I’ve become a lot more ruthless about clutter since my first attempt. Previously I wanted to hang on to the covers of my favourite films and series, now I just wanted the space. After all, it’s the disc itself that counts! Even Husband, who is a hoarder by nature, seemed relaxed about getting rid of the covers this time.

I knew we had a lot of DVDs. We had several storage boxes full, a whole shelf plus little clusters of them scattered around under the sofa, in drawers and in cupboards. I think I’ve managed to find them all. What I didn’t realise was that I had enough covers to completely fill two large bin liners. Two! Of just DVD covers! All of the actual DVDs are now neatly, safely stored in two special disc wallets that hardly take up any space at all. There were some discs that there was no space for plus some old home videos (holidays, weddings etc) that I don’t want to part with so I’ve put those all in one small storage box.

I can’t believe how much space we’ve gained. I’ve mentioned that I’ve been trying to donate a lot of books but I’m getting close to the point where I can’t part with many more so I’ve gained one more shelf that I can keep the ‘keepers’ on. Throwing out the DVD cases has also meant that I now have several empty storage boxes which is great. I’ve got a few ideas for them but I think I’ve done enough for today!

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One thought on “Progress on the January list

  1. only thing is you can’t flog em on ebay now…. I did the same with my CDs. ACtually I don’t mind because I think my CDs are not worth a whole heap. But I have them stored away anyway now as I listen to them all via itunes.

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