Preparing for the weekend

I was really, really not in the mood for doing any chores this evening. However, I  made myself get on with it and I’m glad I did now. I’ll wake up tomorrow to a (relatively) tidy house and a kitchen full of food! Nice. I did the weekly clean (hampered by the fact that the bins are overflowing having not been collected for bloody ages) and then Husband came with me to do the food shop. Here’s what I bought:

  • Coffee flavoured ice cream (a rare treat – I hardly ever see coffee ice cream!) £1.56
  • Blackcurrant squash £1.99
  • Jar of tomato pesto £1.35
  • Butter x2 £1.98
  • 12 sausages £4.50 (4 to go in the freezer)
  • Semi-skimmed milk 86p
  • Full fat milk 86p
  • 3 chicken breasts £3.50 (to go in the freezer)
  • 14 clementines £2.40
  • 5 apples £1.13
  • 3 bananas 70p
  • Parsnips £1
  • Broccoli 73p
  • Leeks £1.38
  • 9 carrots 62p
  • 3 onions £1.10
  • Lettuce 65p
  • Green pepper 85p
  • Wholemeal loaf £1.29
  • Weetabix £1.78
  • 4 loo rolls 45p

Total: £30.68

I’m pretty pleased with this. We had quite a few things left in the kitchen that we can use up. We have cereal for breakfast most days and our snacks are usually along the lines of fruit, yoghurt (we had some left so didn’t need to buy more) or maybe a slice of toast so I won’t include those things but here’s the rest of the food plan for the week:

Saturday: Lunch: Vegetable soup and bread / Dinner: At friends

Sunday: Lunch: Vegetable soup and bread / Dinner: Sausages, mash, broccoli and onion gravy (I’ll be maing and extra two portions to go in the freezer minus the broccoli)

Monday: Lunch: Soup and bread / Dinner: Pork chops (from freezer) with broccoli, carrots and roast postatoes and parsnips

Tuesday: Lunch: Egg and lettuce sandwiches / Dinner: Out for the evening

Wednesday: Lunch: Either egg or cheese and lettuce sandwiches / Dinner: Out for the evening

Thursday: Lunch: Sandwiches / Dinner: Pasta with tomato pesto – a quick meal because we’re going out yet again!

Friday: Lunch: Tin of soup / Dinner: from next weeks food shop

Husband also bought some food because he’s making a surprise for dinner tonight. I don’t know what it can be – I’ve been banned from the kitchen. He did ask if we had a rolling pin though…

I may buy some extras tomorrow as we’ll probably take a dessert to our friends house. However, since I came in under the £35 budget this should be easy enough. I went out for lunch today which cost £5.25 and came from my pocket money so that’s my spending journal up to date for today! I’m hoping I can get a few things done from my January list tomorrow…

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One thought on “Preparing for the weekend

  1. Frugal Trenches

    oooh it all sounds so yummy! I must start posting my weekly shop again!

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