The best things in life are free

Thank you so much for all of your comments on our latest news. We still haven’t had much luck on the name front (despite a late night pouring over books and the internet). While we’ve got plenty of time to think about it, it would be so nice to be able to have a name! Oh well, we’ll probably change our minds a hundred times over the new few months and settle on something we haven’t even thought of yet…

Make Do Mum and Get-Stuff-Done both tagged me in the ‘Ten best things in my life that are free’ meme. If anyone feels like joining in then please let me know so I can read your response! Here’s my ten…

  1. Feeling my baby move: I am utterly transfixed every time I can feel her move, laying my hands on my bump and following her movements. It is the best thing. Ever.
  2. Hanging out on beaches
    From evening BBQs in the summer with a group of friends to stomping across the pebbles in a palette of grey. Not keen on being out anywhere in the rain though – particularly drizzle. I hate drizzle. It has no oomph.
  3. Reading
    Books are something of a passion so I use my library for a free reading fix and also like borrowing books from friends who have similar reading tastes.
  4. Writing
    Another big passion. I decided to be a writer when I was about, er, 4 years old. It hasn’t quite panned out as a profession but when I’m not blogging I can often be found tapping away ‘making stuff up’.
  5. Cooking and Baking
    I really used to hate making things (other than cups of tea) but I forced myself to keep doing it and it has become something of a hobby now. Though I still prefer baking to cooking…
  6. Taking photographs
    I haven’t taken that many photos since I’ve been pregnant (I’ve been massively distracted not to mention feeling quite rough at times) but I expect I’ll pick up my camera again soon. I particularly love the macro setting on my digital camera. You’re much more likely to get hundreds of close-ups of the inside of flowers from me than, say, landscapes. I suspect the baby will become my new favourite subject though!
  7. Music
    I started learning to play bass guitar in 2008, tutored by a host of kind friends. Playing with the band is just brilliant and I also like mooching around just listening to music too.
  8. Hanging out…
    …with my friends. A big pot of tea is often required. A few laughs goes without saying.
  9. Playing hide and seek
    Here’s a weird confession. Husband and I often play hide and seek at bedtime. We know it’s coming when one of us hears the other making a frantic scramble up the stairs just as we’re switching off the lights. Husband is rubbish at it – I rock. In fact, this is precisely how the base of Husband’s wardrobe came to be broken.
  10. Baths
    Okay, I suppose you could say that heating the water counts as ‘spending’ but I’m not counting that here. I never used to be a bath baby but I am now. I can wallow for hours. It is my favourite place to read a book. Occasionally Husband lets me give him a bubble beard (ie sticking bath bubbles to his facial stubble in the manner of a soapy Father Christmas). I hope I never reach an age when I do not find this hilarious…
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8 thoughts on “The best things in life are free

  1. Ha I used to do a mohican on my hair or anyone who would let me (not that I’ve been in baths with lots of people!)

  2. I love your list! I also looove to bake and am working on my cooking skills. Any tips on how you got started and grew to “love cooking”?

    • shoestringalley

      I started replying to this and then realised I was going on a bit so I think I may to a seperate post – just for you! x

  3. good list!

  4. Frugal Trenches

    WONDERFUL LIST! We are very alike 🙂

  5. Great list! Feeling the baby move is a good one, such a lovely feeling!

  6. I usually dont post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful I love to Get Free Things

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