Spending Journal: Jan 7th & 8th

I know it is actually the 9th today but since the day has only just begun I’m not sure what I’ll have spent by the end of it! However I haven’t posted my spending journal for a couple of days and didn’t want to get behind, thus…


Food: Main weekly shop 37.52

Pocket money: Birthday card £1.60 (I wanted a special ‘1st birthday’ card and didn’t have anything suitable in my card box) plus a bread roll 30p

I’ll also keep posting my food diary for a bit since it shows what we actually manage to eat on our budget!

Thursday: Both Husband and I had lunch boxes with the tuna pasta (that included carrot, cucumber and baby spinach leaves too) which I had made the day before and in the evening we had a massive lasagne from the freezer. For snacks throughout the day we used up most of the remaining fruit from the bowl, the last couple of yoghurts and a few sweet from a jar we got given at Christmas.

Friday: By shopping day we’ve usually run out of fresh stuff so I like to keep a few tins of soup in the cupboard even though I make my own too. Hence for lunch we each had cream of tomato soup (something I’ve never mastered making from scratch anyway!) and I picked up a bread roll from the supermarket to go with it. For snacks I had the last two pieces of fruit as well as a disgusting amount of chocolate and biscuits as one of my colleagues decided to bring the last of her Christmas supplies into work as she was fed up of it. Fine by me! For dinner we had spag bol using mince taken from the freezer which I bought on offer last month. There was enough sauce left over to pop a single portion in the freezer. We then had half a melon each from the latest shop – yum.

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2 thoughts on “Spending Journal: Jan 7th & 8th

  1. Homemade tomato soup is never as nice as the tinned variety, unyet with all other flavours, it is the other way round!

  2. thefrenchchick

    Oh ladies, I’ll post my recipe for Fresh Tomato Soup in my recipes tab for you. This one is as nice (or better) than tinned and can be frozen, before adding the dairy, too.

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