January hybernation and Spending Journal: Jan 9th

This morning I made a big batch of Leek and Potato soup using my favourite recipe (it really is fabulous) which provided us with a hearty, wholesome lunch today. It makes quite a big pot so there is plenty left for lunch with friends tomorrow. We had planned to go to the cinema tonight but, after seeing the weather report, we’ve decided against making the trip. Instead we’re going to have another Saturday night in and watch the DVD that has just arrived from LoveFilm. I’m making korma tonight, with chicken and green beans, and there will be enough to freeze two portions which is great as I am still trying to re-stock the freezer. I didn’t get around to making my crumble the other night so I’ll be making a big apple crumble as well (so simple yet such a favourite). It is meant to serve 3 or 4 but we usually manage to put the whole thing away in one go. Frankly I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing on a dark, bitterly cold night in January!

I intended to make a trip to the library this morning but the pavements here are still pretending to be ice rinks so I didn’t bother. Writing the ‘Spend Less, Save More’ series reminded me of the sheer number of books I own and still haven’t read. It seems like an age since I’ve been totally gripped by a book and I just couldn’t see anything I fancied on the shelf. In the end I resorted to closing my eyes and randomly picking one. At the start of the week I read Black Swan Green which I was given on my birthday a couple of years ago. Not my usual sort of thing but I actually quite enjoyed it. Inspired to carry on, and yet not inspired by any particular book, I used the same method to chose The Historian and am pleased to find that I am suitably gripped!

I know a lot of people who seem to go into a sort of hybernation during January. This is usually down to a combination of post-Christmas financial ‘argh’ and the bleak weather. For us this is usually mixed up with a whole series of birthdays that require making a bit more of an effort. Thus I am quite happy to hybernate for a few weekends as I know more interesting stuff will be going on later in the month…


Pocket money: An interiors magazine (I am in need of a bit of inspiration before the next round of redecoration commences – naturally I will be stealing expensive ideas and trying to find shoestring alternatives 🙂 ) £3.50

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3 thoughts on “January hybernation and Spending Journal: Jan 9th

  1. I too am a fan of interior magazines – but they are so overpriced aren’t they? I am getting the best interior fix now from flickr – my favourite group is ‘corners of my home’ with some lovely images. Also there is a new one called ‘Interior styling group’ with some great stuff.

    Also http://www.apartmenttherapy.com is a fab resource. Lots and lots of inspiration.

    And all free!! Although I do know there is nothing like reading a magazine in bed/the bath which you can’t do with an internet page.

  2. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Greta minds – I made Leek & Potato Soup yesterday, too. It was lovely, very warming.

  3. i look forward to your shoestring ideas!

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