Spending Journal: Jan 3rd

Earlier I posted the next part of ‘Spend Less, Save More’ on ways I try to keep myself entertained on a shoestring. It’s a fairly mammouth post but, if you’re in the mood, you can find it below.

I’m properly back to work tomorrow so I’ve been trying to get myself sorted out – planning lunch boxes, putting everything into my work bag, finishing my ironing and so on. We’ve also dropped Husband’s car at the garage so fingers crossed the problem is something easy and cheap to solve (ahem). We’re off to see some friends in a bit and then back in time for dinner…

I’m still trying to record what we’ve been eating to show how we make our small food budget work so here goes. Breakfast number 1: cereal. I have to eat as soon as I get up or the dreaded nausea returns. Husband got up an hour later and I thought I might as well have a second go at breakfast ūüôā since the first was ‘medicinal’. Hence a big pot of coffee and toast came next. For lunch we had the rest of the soup I made yesterday¬†followed by¬†the last pieces of flapjack. Tonight we’re having a simple stir-fry. Yesterday I bought a large pack of stir-fry veg. As it has to be used by today it was reduced to just 58p – bargain! We’ll be having that with some egg noodles and soy sauce. Since Husband likes meat more than me, I took a large pork chop out of the freezer last night and will chop that up to go with his stir-fry. Yesterday I also picked up a loaf of sliced white bread reduced to 20p as well as our usual granary loaf. Since I have some eggs that need to be used up I’ll be making bread and butter pudding. The other half of the 20p loaf¬†is already¬†in the freezer.


Food: 3 cooking apples £1.09

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