Sneaky food shop

I’ve just about got everything done I wanted to do today. I had planned to go and do a big food shop tomorrow but the weather and driving reports are so awful I was kind of dreading it. Instead I popped into Co-op and managed to get everything I wanted. This cost a lot more than it would have done had I managed to make it to Tesco but I think, considering I don’t have to make a trip on the icy roads, it was worth it. Plus, I can get up and get on with all of the things I wanted to do tomorrow without having to do the shopping too. It’s a good enough compromise for me!

I’ve got a lot of ‘picky’ food instead of the usual kind of thing since we’re going to be in and out over the next few days. As planned, I bought extra treats that I don’t usually get such as some particularly nice fruit juice, pear cider for Husband, olives from the deli counter, ham, ritz biscuits, chocolate fingers and so on. Unfortunately it seems I can now add hot chocolate to my list of things that I have gone off. Oh well! The house looks clean and tidy, the (very small) Christmas tree is up and the lights are on and I’ve got a kitchen full of good food. I hardly have any chores left for tomorrow so I shall probably catch up with a couple of people and do a spot of baking. And reading. And eating…

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