Home Improvements 9 & 10

Not DIY as such this time. Instead I’ve done a spot of spending! This year I have been very careful about what I’ve spent my money on outside of the strict necessities like bills and food, not only because I’ve been saving but also because I’m keen on decluttering. One of the things I’ve been trying to do when I want something is to sit on the idea for a good while to see if I really do want/need that thing or whether it is just a whim. This week we’ve bought two things that we’ve been talking about for ages and decided we really should go for.

First up – a stereo. Ours stopped working well over a year ago. Husband rigged up a mad system in the living room using an ancient PC donated by a friend and the old stereo. To play a CD we’ve had to wait for the PC to come on, put the disc in the tower and then play it through the stereo that won’t play a CD by itself. Needless to say, for the past year I haven’t bothered to play any CDs except when I’m in the car. This ridiculous system has not only been annoying but has taken over the entire surface of our sideboard. After searching online and comparing prices we found a great deal on Tesco Direct for a small stereo and decided to go for it particularly as Tesco were offering free delivery to a local store. Husband has cleared the sideboard and set up the new stereo. I’m not sure what I’m more exicted about; being able to play a CD or having so much extra space! The old stuff will have to be got rid of but I’m waiting until we’ve got a car load of things that need to go up to the dump. Since we were already ordering from Tesco…

…I decided to also go back to the drawing board on crockery. Some months back I mentioned us trying to find some new crockery that we really liked. I have been prepared to wait until I saw something that really grabbed me. I was bored of white stuff and wanted something a bit different. However. Time kept ticking on, the cheap decade-old IKEA plates were getting more and more chipped and cracked and I couldn’t see anything I really liked. I did see one set but it was £35 and I was annoyed by the fact there were only 4 dinner plates, 4 bowls etc. When did shops stop doing stuff in sixes? I didn’t want to get just 4 in case one got chipped but I didn’t want to buy 8 either as it would have meant spending £70 plus a delivery charge. Very annoying. In the end I caved and bought another plain white set. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with white, can you? Tesco do a set for £20. As, like all of the others I had seen, it came in sets of 4 I bought two sets. So now I have 8 new dinner plates, 8 new side plates and 8 new bowls all for £40 with free delivery. At least with 8 of everything I don’t have to worry too much if something gets chipped or broken!

I suppose these purchases weren’t absoloutely ‘necessary’. I had plates. But I’m not so shoestringish that I want to spend the next 10 years serving thoughtfully prepared food on chipped, grubby looking plates! Husband and I each bought one of the sets and then we used money from our house fund to buy the stereo, which was a great price, so it has worked out pretty well.

I’m now midway through having a good clear-out of the crockery cupboard. I already sorted our collection of glasses after the IKEA trip in September. Isn’t it strange how many odds and ends of mismatched plates and bowls you end up with? I like to have different tea plates but the rest has gone. So as not to let the old stuff go completely to waste I am taking it all to work where there are never enough plates and bowls to go around at lunch time or when we have a couple of birthday cakes.

It feels good to have a couple more things struck off the list!

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2 thoughts on “Home Improvements 9 & 10

  1. mo

    oh no, matching and no broken things is a must for any declutterer I think. you let go of the old and got it all sorted in a swoop. well done. neat on the shelves too. am thinking similarly.

    • shoestringalley

      Too true! I got fed up with waiting to find something amazing. When I’m finished clearing out I should have a neat, basic set of what I need and nothing I don’t. Yippee!

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