Home Improvements 6, 7 & 8

Remember my ’50 Home Improvements’ plan? Some things actually got done today – woo hoo! Alas I cannot claim credit which goes entirely to Dad. He arrived a few hours ago with his tool box and a few bits and pieces and got some stuff done for us:

  • Door bell: The front came off our months ago. Not to mention the fact that, being one of those plug-in radio signal ones, it started picking something else up. We couldn’t make out what it was but it sounded really creepy. Now we’ve got a nice new one that works properly!
  • Loo: Our toilet started flushing itself one night a few weeks ago. Very annoying when you can’t sleep for more than 3 hours straight anyway (pregnancy = many visits to the loo). Also the button had got very stiff. I have no idea how he managed it but it is working fine now.
  • Loo roll holder: This kept falling off the wall and so had been abandoned on the floor for some time. Dad got a new screw and fixed it back on.

Thus items 6, 7 and 8 can be struck off the list of 50! Suitably inspired to take action, I’m going to look at my list later and see what I can do next.

While Dad was busying away and Husband was at work I made myself useful and got all of the present wrapping done. I now have jaunty looking Christmas presents scattered along the long shelf in the bedroom so they don’t get crumpled up. If the mood takes me later I might actually write the rest of the Christmas cards too…

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5 thoughts on “Home Improvements 6, 7 & 8

  1. Dads – don’t you just love em. Mine came and fixed our loo roll holder too!

  2. It is amazing how making a start on these things can motivate you isn’t it? I did the Apartment Therapy Cure a couple of months back and once I started and got the momentum going we achieved lots. Even cleared out the garage which we’ve never got to before. It has made life a whole lot easier.

    Good luck with it all 🙂

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks! Apartment Therapy Cure…sounds interesting. I must investigate!

  3. thisthriftedlife

    We have been getting lots of home improvement projects completed lately–like jacking up our bathrrom floor, replacing some subfloor, etc–so I understand how awesome that feels, lol. I’ll be so glad when we get through these bigger hurdles (rewiring later this month!) so I can get to the more pleasant tasks of painting, hanging art, etc.

    I also got quite a few Christmas gifts wrapped today, so that felt like quite an accomplishment. We cut down and put up a tree this weekend, so it’s actually starting to feel like the holiday season around here!

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