On with the list…

I’ve been trying to tackle my ‘to do’ list today (basically getting the house straight). I gave the kitchen a good clean from top to bottom, tidied the cupboards, cleaned the oven etc. I then hit the bathroom while loading and reloading the washing machine. The drawers are now fully stocked with clean, dry towels and bedding again – woo hoo. Very sad to get excited by this stuff but the house has been upside-down for a while. Since I only redecorated the bedroom a couple of months ago it wasn’t as bad as I had thought and only needed a basic tidy, dust and hoover. I can’t see much point in trying to do much with the second bedroom. Things are going to be changing in there soon enough! I still need to go over the living room and the worst bits which are actually the hallway and landing area. Each seem to be stacked up with boxes and almost empty paint tins. But that can wait until another day…at least I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not even going to think about Christmas decorations until it is all finished.

I also managed to sneak a trip to the library. I haven’t been for ages. Husband dropped some books back for me a few weeks ago but, being late, I managed to get a fine. Not very shoestring. I’m blaming it on the morning/all day sickness…not much could persuade me out of bed on a saturday for a good couple of months. Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good now so I went and paid my fine and took out some books. One is about making meals on a low budget – I’ll report back if it is any good!

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One thought on “On with the list…

  1. Are you pregnant? Sorry I have been rubbish at keeping in touch.
    Oh I love getting sorted out. I was looking at your previous posts and I feel the need to buy some cups to put my stock cubes in, a pure brilliant idea!

    Hope your getting in the festive spirit and doing ok with the all day sickness x

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