Santa’s list

Well I managed to get another thing done off my list of tasks to get things back in hand. I’ve taken everything to the Post Office and got all of my Christmas posting done for things that needed to go abroad. Considering the number of cards and packages I was pleased that it came to just over £5. I won’t be able to do anything much tomorrow as, due to an event, I’ve got to work from 8.30am to 10pm.

What have you guys asked for for Christmas? Anything at all? Lots of things?! Husband and I keep asking each other what we want and coming up blank. I’ve got so used to thinking about what I really want and really need that I’m finding it a bit difficult. I used up all of my ideas when my family asked a few weeks back. I started this Shoestring project back in January. At the time, I started a general list in my filofax of things I wanted. This has included everything from a new leather belt to a set of cake tins. As the year has ticked by I’ve bought one or two items and crossed a few out when, after seeing them written down for a month or two, I realised I didn’t really want or need them. So when my family asked what I’d like it was quite easy to whip out the list and see what was left. Compared to previous years, most of what I’ve asked for might seem (to some) very practical and domestic. The thing is, I know I’d be genuinely thrilled to receive any of those things and that I really do want or need them. I’ll let you know what I end up with! Husband and I have agreed a budget of £30-40 to spend on each other. This will probably be made up of a few treats we wouldn’t normally buy ourselves. Anything else would be a waste or just for the sake of it. There are things we would like, but they are large things that we would save up for over a period of time and wouldn’t expect anyone to go out and buy for us (particularly at an expensive time of year!). I know a couple of people who don’t really ‘do’ Christmas presents. I have to say, personally, that I think they are great fun. As you might have noticed, I really like finding things that people might like or getting them something that they want but wouldn’t actually treat themselves to. That said, I don’t think you (should) need to spend very much to get someone something they’d really like! Most of my Christmas shopping this year has ranged from items priced between £1.50 and £20. I’d love to say I had made some things (I know a few people whose knitting needles have been busy of late) but I can’t really make anything!

So, what are you hoping to find in your Christmas stocking this year? 😉

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5 thoughts on “Santa’s list

  1. We too struggle to come up with things we “want” although I have asked for a few things.

    A jewelery box, A few cook books, Only Fools and Horses boxset and some cookware from Lakeland.

    This year I have made gift baskets for family and friend’s. So much easier and also I think they are more personal. x

  2. I’ve asked Santa for some of my favourite perfume and a copy of Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, but other than that I couldn’t think of anything that I really wanted. To make everyone’s life easier I always say to people book vouchers and magazine subscriptions are welcome.

    I did get an AWESOME handmade advent calendar from The Boy this year stuffed with twixes and kitkats and tangfastics. 😀


  3. apieceofwood

    I did a little list for mine.. but there isn’t a lot I’d like this year.. so just a few essentials, cream, perfume, a CD type of thing!

  4. My family tend to spend £5-£10 on each pressie (thank goodness as there are loads of us). On my list are wellies, a kitchen timer, a blank canvas and bed linen.

    I try really hard to get something suited to the person but its the men I find really hard to buy for. They usually end up with beer!

  5. Some “This Works” Dry Leg oil

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