The other week I mentioned doing a big stock up at the supermarket after letting supplies run a far lower than usual. When I got in from work I decided to stock up my empty rows of storage jars.

I had to replace lots of things including, pasta, cous cous, tea and stock cubes. As you can see I keep all of my stock cubes in two tin mugs I was given which I find much easier (and prettier!) than faffing about with little boxes. I also topped up my storage jars so everything is easy to get to and I can see what I’ve got.

Next I went through my cupboards and my freezer to see what I can use over the next few weeks for making meals. Amongst other bits and bobs I found:

  • risotto rice
  • 4 tins of tomatoes
  • 2 jars of korma sauce
  • 1 jar of organic vegetable pasta sauce
  • 1 jar of lasagne white sauce
  • 3 frozen pork chops
  • 6 frozen chicken thighs
  • Pack of crumpets (frozen)
  • Home made Beef casserole (2 portions, frozen)
  • Home made Beef, broccoli and cauliflower stew (2 portions, frozen)

In additon, I obviously have the other things I’ve just topped up my storage jars with. Quite a good haul!

This morning I took some chicken breast fillets out of the freezer (bought on offer the other week). Tonight we’ll be having chicken korma (incorporating the odd bits of veg left from my smaller shop on Saturday and 1 of the 2 jars of korma sauce) and cous cous. I’m having dinner at my parents house tomorrow and then I’ve got a work event on Thursday night. I won’t be home until late from that so I think I’ll take the Beef stew out of the freezer so Husband and I can each eat as soon as we get in.

It was worth spending 20 minutes or so going through it all as I’ve now got a much better idea of what I already have. If all goes to plan I am hoping to spend Saturday morning doing some cooking and getting some batches of meals ready for the freezer. I’ve been getting through a lot of the laundry and also getting back into doing a short burst of tidying each day again so I’m already feeling much more organised!

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