Running through treacle

Running through treacle pretty much sums up how things have been lately! As soon as I found out I was pregnant (and started feeling nauseous and tired) I gave myself a hefty break from most of my usual routines. It was necessary at the time.  However, the past couple of weeks have reminded me how much easier it is to perform basic functions when I am organised. Which I have not been. The house is a tip, I keep running out of food and having to do lots of little shops and finding clean clothes and towels etc is becoming more challenging. I am feeling a lot better now. I still get tired quicker than I would have and I still feel sick from time to time. However, it has eased up enough that I can try to get back on top of things again. So, for my own purposes really, here’s my list of what I want to try and get done over the next two weeks:

  • wash and iron all of my clothes
  • pack away any clothes that I’m not going to be able to wear in a few weeks time
  • wash all of the bedding and towels that we own
  • take all of our Christmas presents and cards that need to be sent abroad to the post office
  • file or shred all of the post that has arrived over the past, er, few months. I’ve been ignoring it – just opening things and then adding them to a giant pile. How quickly it spins out of control!
  • give the house a good spring clean (yup, spring cleaning in winter – sometimes it has to be done)

The plan after that is to keep on top of things and spend the rest of the time relaxing and enjoying the festive season. Oh, and stocking my freezer back up with home-made meals! I’ve really gone off cooking in a big way. Something to do with the smell I think. Anyway, things were a lot easier when I didn’t have to try to dream up something to eat each night so I need to get on the case. I just need to get our home straight first!

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2 thoughts on “Running through treacle

  1. Late to the game but just want to say congratulations on the pregnancy.

  2. Just found your blog which looks great. Looking forward to going through your archives this evening 🙂

    I just wanted to say that if you are early on your pregnancy (which it seems you are?) these routines will naturally go out of the window as you’re so tired. I found my energy came back each time around the 4 month mark and I was back to my oldself… don’t be to hard on yourself.

    Off now to explore!

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