Shopping list for baby

Here’s my current ‘shopping list’ for baby:

  • Cot: Our second bedroom is very small and a very odd shape. There is only one place a cot could go and it is in an alcove. Annoyingly, it is 5cm short on space for most of the cots I have seen. So far, through online research, I have only found two models that could fit this space and I’m not keen on either for a variety of reasons so I’ll keep looking!
  • Moses basket and stand: The stand will live next to our bed. The moses basket will hopefully be on the move!
  • Car seat: My cousin had a spectacular car crash recently. She was waiting at traffic lights and a car ploughed into her, flipping the car over one and half times so it ended up on its roof. Both of her kids were in the back including her four month old son. The car seats were fantastic – neither child had a scratch on them and both were held firmly in place. I’m getting the same model, no question, no matter what it costs.
  • Pram: One of those that can be converted from pram to pushchair. I’m not up on the technicalities of these things but I’m sure you know what I mean.
  • Sling/carrying thingie.
  • Breast pump: Gah. I can’t believe I am typing these words in relation to myself. But I do want one for a variety of reasons. Can anyone tell me what they make of the manual versus electric debate?
  • Bottles and steriliser thingie: Even if I don’t use these straightaway I’m sure I will later on. I’ve looked around and the basic stuff doesn’t seem to be very expensive.
  • Towels and bedding
  • Muslins
  • Changing mat: I’ve seen one online that can be used instead of one of those table top changing things. It can be used anywhere. I don’t have room for a special changing table (nor do I really want one). However, Husband does have back problems so doesn’t want to crouch on the floor.  It is about £25 so, while it is more expensive than a regular changing mat, it is a lot cheaper than a special piece of furniture.
  • Monitor: I’m still looking into this but I’m planning to get one with a temperature display and a secure channel (so I don’t end up listening to a baby down the road instead of my own!).
  • Smoke alarms: Ours is a bit elderly so I want to replace it and buy one additional one.
  • Bath: I know people say you can bath your baby in the kitchen sink but ours has a fixed tap so I can’t see how that would work. I’ve seen plenty for around the £10 mark.
  • Baby bag: Yes, I am aware I don’t need a special bag. But I want one! I’ve been oggling the Cath Kidston range for a long, long time. If I see a cheaper one I like as much then I’ll get that. But I suspect a Cath Kidston changing bag is going to be my one big treat.
  • Thermometer
  • Initial supplies: Bath/nappy changing stuff. I’m not going to get too much in advance as it seems better to wait and see what we and baby get on best with.
  • Clothes: A few basics but not too much as I know that a) they grow out of everything fast and b) people love buying clothes as gifts when babies are born.

The rest of the baby equipment fund will be reserved for things the baby needs as it gets older including a high chair, a bigger car seat and so on. I may also use some of it for buying a chair and chest of drawers to go on the baby’s room. I don’t expect to get much, if anything, passed on to us as all of our friends with children are still using all of their baby equipment. However, one has offered to pass on some clothes if we have a girl which I thought was very sweet. If anyone has any particular recommendations for any of the above or thinks I have missed something vital then let me know! 

Trying to plan for this feels a bit strange. I will only be 14 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I’m not really showing yet (I can see the difference but no-one else would be able to). On one hand I feel like I ought to wait longer until I start thinking about all of this. It is still early days. On the other hand, I know the time is going to fly and I don’t want to have a big stressy panic at the end. So, all things considered, I am going to keep planning and saving and trying to finish the rest of the house. Then, in a few months time, I will actually start buying things and sorting out the spare room.

Now I’ve just got to tackle the very large pile of laundry that needs to be done…

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10 thoughts on “Shopping list for baby

  1. Have been catching up with your posts – congratulations on your super news!
    It’s really exciting to be planning and looking forward to the bumps arrival. I found it really handu to have a car seat that fitted on the pram wheels so when he finally went to sleep in the car I didn’t have to wake him to get him into the pram, the car seat just slotted into place. Now he’s 7 months the pram has converted into a buggy and he can sit up and watch the world go by.
    A baby bath is really handy as you can use it on the kitchen table which is much knider to your back then bending down at the side of the bath in the bathroom.
    When you get your sling I’d suggest trying a few on, I tried a Baby Bjorn one and by the time I’d done up all the straps and things I’d lost the will to live! I found a Baba sling much easier as it just pops over your head and then you’re set to go. See which sort feels comfy to you.
    Enjoy planning!

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks for the tips. Mo also suggested I try on a few slings to see what kind of thing I fancy. And I think those car seat/push chair all in one combo’s sound great!

  2. apieceofwood

    Totally with you on the CK bag… I oggled them a while back and just drooooollllllllllllll

    • shoestringalley

      Not just me then! The trouble is, I’m not all that keen on the current fabrics available – not compared to some of the other prints they do. I’m hoping they’ll switch them in Spring. If not, I saw a very cute one in Next. I’ll let you know which way I go!

  3. Your poor friend! Thank god the car seats did what they are supposed to.

    Your list is great, you have all the essentials there.

    Boots do a free nappy bag when you join their baby club, but EVERYONE has them (including me) and it’s only a matter of time before I pick up someone elses by mistake. I might treat myself to a nice one too as it’s something I use every day.

    • shoestringalley

      I know – they were all very lucky considering how dramatic the crash was. I think the two adults in the front had more injuries (cuts and bruises). Maybe we should all have kiddie seats!

      I don’t know why I’ve got such a thing about the nappy bag. I just find them massively appealing. If I don’t see one from Cath Kidston I also spotted a nice one in Next (it was either £25 or £35) that had a gorgeous Orla Keily-ish apple design on it. Though I expect it will have gone out of stock by the time I make up my mind. Let me know if you end up getting a new one!

  4. naomi

    Congratulations!! I had a little girl in Sept….the one thing I have found really handy but didn’t buy in advance was a mirror for the car. It clips to the rear seat so you can see your baby easily in the rear view mirrorand the baby can see themselves in the mirror. It takes the worry out of turning round if your baby cries (or doesn’t!!). It wasn’t too expensive about £10 from mothercare or halfords but is really useful if you’re in the car alone.
    We got a baby bath in tesco for less than a fiver….
    Am glad the accident wasn’t more serious…Our buggy is a 0+ car seat and buggy in one (it has interchangeable bits) and really suits us as it’s light and fits in my car easily with plenty of room for chnage bag and shopping! The car seat can clip straight on or you can clip on the traditional buggy bit. We got it online from boots with extra 10% off vouchers we found on a site so turned out to be an inexpensive option. Its a ‘bebeconfort streety’.

    Hope you’re feeling good 🙂

  5. shoestringalley

    Thanks Naomi. I think one of those mirrors would be a good idea and it’s nice to know they don’t cost very much! I really like the idea of the car seat that clips straight from the buggy into the car seat. Anything that makes life a bit easier!

  6. As a mum of four who wishes there was ebay in my day, I would say get a bowl instead of a bath, you don’t realise how small even 9 lb babies are and a bowl will be better to begin with and those baby baths really are quite heavy when half full of water!
    I used a hand held breast pump the thought of an electric one made me think of a cow being milked!xx

    • shoestringalley

      Ha – frankly that’s what anything to do with a breast pump makes me think of!!!! x

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