Shopping and pregnancy reading

Husband and I had the day off today (it is our wedding anniversary this weekend) so we decided to go to our nearest big town and ‘hit’ the shops. Admittedly this is a different kind of affair since Project Shoestring began but still.

First stop: maternity bra (sorry to any chaps reading- you can skip this paragraph if you want). I went to Mothercare but exited quite swiftly. The range on offer was, er, a little scary. I’ve never seen biohazard lingerie but, if it existed, I would imagine it would look something like the specimins I saw on offer today (their online selection is much better to be fair). So I hopped off to M&S instead. They managed to squeeze me in for a fitting and I came out with a pack of two for £20. Okay, they aren’t the raciest garments I’ve ever had, but they aren’t terrifyingly ugly either. And they are very soft and comfortable.

Next stop was Paperchase. Someone gave me a 25% off voucher cut out from Red magazine. I wanted (and got) a small scrapbook for putting Christmas things in, though more about that another time. I also bought a nice pen to write my Christmas cards with. Then I dashed into WH Smith to get Gran a calendar as the one I ordered from Amazon is no longer available. I got some pennies off that too with a 10% discount voucher. By the time I had been to these four shops I was bored with the whole shopping malarky so we jumped in the car and came back home.

I’m not delving into the realms of buying baby things yet. It seems a bit too early. The only things I have bought, other than the bra, are 3 books:

  • Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Professor Lesley Regan
  • The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth by Kaz Cooke
  • The Rough Guide to Babies and Toddlers by Kaz Cooke

The first book is good but lingers on a lot of medical stuff and potential problems. While it is good to be informed I don’t want to start getting unnecessarily paranoid about things that could go wrong. I’m relying on my midwives and doctor to tell me what I need to know in that respect.

The second book I found so good that I ordered the third. They also contain a lot of medical information and things you need to know. However, it is also very funny, human, laid-back and enjoyable to read. There is such a lot out there that it is easy to feel like you are drowning in contradictory information (and believe me, a lot of it is very contradictory). I am currently steering clear of any online pregnancy forums. They seem to be even worse for dishing out contradictory information (For example: You should be able to feel your baby move by week 16 / no, it’s week 20 / it’s different for everyone / don’t worry if you don’t feel anything/ if you don’t feel anything you should phone the doctor straight away) and so on. You could be taking the advice of an experienced midwife and mother. Or a total moron. You just don’t know!

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2 thoughts on “Shopping and pregnancy reading

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    The Fat Ladies Club is a fab pregnancy book, very funny and easy to read. You can pick up a copy on AMazon for a penny (plus £2.75 P&P), it’s well worth a read. x

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