Trying to make a plan

I’m still mulling over those pesky, never-ending home improvements. Last time I reported on my lack of progress I said I was going to leave it until my Christmas break to start tackling them. While this is still the case, I decided to try and make a new plan to put in my trusty filofax. That way, I’ve got all of the information to hand at any time. I’ve made four lists:

  • things I can do myself
  • things Husband needs to do/help me with
  • things Dad has offered to help with
  • things I need to get an expert (ie an electrician) to deal with

I’ve sort of given up with my budget. After some rough calculations I have discovered that we are about £400 short. Knowing this has also been creating a bit of a mental block about getting going again. However, I’ve decided to crack on with what we’ve got until it has all gone. Once we’ve run out I’ll just have to lower my monthly savings to cover the shortfall until the whole place is finished.

Does anyone else find that they get massively ‘stuck’ by just one or two things? Here’s something I’ve been dithering about for ages. Some years ago Husband and I handed over (what to us) was rather a lot of cash for a gorgeous oak dining table from Habitat. I still love it. As far as I am concerned it is a thing of beauty. However, it is also far too big for our living room and we don’t have a separate dining room. If we have people over for dinner we have to move all of the other furniture around to get it out. We’ve been putting up with it for ages because it seems daft to buy a table when we’ve already got one etc etc. Now, though, I’ve got to the point where I’m really fed up of eating every meal off my knees, sitting on the sofa, beside the fact that I quite like sitting at a table with a mug of coffee and reading a newspaper or doing my paperwork. I’ve decided that the only thing for it is to put our lovely table into storage (somewhere free!) until we finally get to move and get another one to use until that day comes. I’ve seen a couple of drop-leaf tables that aren’t too expensive. I suppose it isn’t very thrifty to buy a table when we’ve already got one. But since we can’t actually sit at it without a lot of hassle it is much like not having one anyway.  

Another thing I have been stuck on is the fact that we really need to re-sand and varnish the living room floorboards. This is going to be difficult as we have nowhere to move our furniture to while we are doing this and sanding floorboards creates a giant mess. I’m still not sure, logistically, how we are going to get it done. However, the fact I don’t know how to tackle it is putting me off finishing anything else in that room. Grrr. My solution, for now, it to ignore it and try and get other things done that I do know how to deal with.

I just wish there wasn’t quite so many things on that bloody list! But I will tackle it. Honest…


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One thought on “Trying to make a plan

  1. Chaotic Kerri

    So totally with you one this one. It used to be the more I had to do the better, I just got on with it but right now I feel as if we’re at a standstill. More or less every job I want to tackle seems to require something else to be done first, and like you I kinda think what’s the point of starting it when I can’t get it finished.

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