Getting organised for Christmas

Oh I do love Amazon. It makes life so much easier, doesn’t it? I’ve just done a spot of Christmas shopping online. It took me all of five minutes. I’ve just ordered 2 books and a CD for Dad, each with a healthy discount. I’ve also just ordered my 2010 calendar for work plus three others for little presents – Amazon have got some really good ones this year. I’m hitting the shops tomorrow so I expect I’ll do a  bit more festive shopping then.  

I can’t remember the last time I did my Christmas shopping all in one go. I have great admiration for the people that manage it. One friend of mine dedicates a whole day to it in mid-December and gets everything done in one crazy day. Personally, I would find this really stressful. What if I couldn’t find the right thing for the right person on that particular day? And shopping in December? Gah. I do a little bit but it really is just the last few things.

Longer term readers of this blog will know that I tuck things I buy through the year into a couple of pretty storage boxes. I find this much easier, particularly as we have a lot of friends that we get smallish presents for, like a book or a pair of earrings. Here, in early November, I only have two friends left to buy for and the rest is mostly for my family. Maybe one year I’ll save up and try buying everything in one go, just for a change!

I’ve already got my Christmas cards sorted. For the first time ever I bought them in the sales and tucked them away. It wasn’t really intentional. I was in the queue at Boots right at the end of January and saw them on a shelf – each pack of 30 was only £1.24 so I bought two. They’re nice ones too. I suppose if I was going to be really Shoestringish I would send e-cards or something. However, being a stationery addict, I just can’t do it. I love the pretty designs and the jaunty red envelopes. And I like sending proper letters in the post at any time of year. Which reminds me. I need to get some jiffy bags and find out when things need to be posted to America, Australia and Europe to arrive in time for Christmas…does anyone know?!

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9 thoughts on “Getting organised for Christmas

  1. Amazon is brilliant- and online shopping in general – I can barely be bothered to hit the real shops anymore. Comparison shopping is a lot easier online too of course…!

  2. thisthriftedlife

    As eco-concious as I try to be, I love getting Christmas cards. It just makes me feel loved and remembered.

    All of you bloggers are already getting so many holiday tasks done–I feel like I’m already falling behind! ack!

  3. I wish I had bought pressies throughout the year. I think I’ll do as much as I can online too – I’m a complete learner driver with the pushchair and find it really stressful getting round the shops.
    Must remember to go to Paperchase for the post-xmas sales – I love their cards!

  4. I’m going to try and do all my shopping in one day this year, Friday 13th Nov, lol! I have no wish to string out the process so will use online for anything I don’t get. 🙂

  5. I love christmas cards and usually (always?) make them. I actually like doing christmas shopping in a crazed frenzy around the 23rd of December. Mind you I used to live on Portobello (well nearly on it) and so it was a glorious christmassy experience with gorgeous shops and real trees filling the road, and mulled wine and lunch. I loved ending the day surrounded by too many bags and having a cocktail or two. Ah those were the days!! However. This year we will be making as many as possible. And generally avoiding creating too much stuffage and clutter for ourselves and others. I enjoy this side of it too. I am looking forward to going to my parents and getting the tree in and decorating it, and to the roaring log fires and the general over eating and drinking of champagne cocktails – so very very festive!

  6. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    I LOVE online shopping – have been doing rather a lot for Xmas over the last two or three days. So much easier than real shopping. Agree re e-cards – just couldn’t do it (in fact, I get secretly a little bit offended by people who send them!!).

  7. I wonder what everyone makes of “upcycling” your unwanted gifts/things around the house as Chrimbo presents? I have stacks of ceramic ornamental bowls/decorative dishes etc etc that I’ve been given over the years and I like them but I just don’t have the space for them any more. So this year I’ve been plotting to give away a few as “thrifted” presents. I know my friends will like them as they’ve only just bought houses etc, but I do feel a bit cheap…..I just can’t afford the annual Chrimbo blow out this year though.


  8. thefrenchchick

    And I thought I was doing good when I ordered photo Christmas cards made from our church directory picture. Good for you being that organized. It has always been a goal of mine, but not one I’ve achieved yet.

    And for Kat, if the item is new and in it’s original box, then I’d say go ahead and gift it. But if you’ve used the item, you can offer it to them just don’t wrap it as a gift. One of my brother’s former girlfriends did that with items she had in their house (& that we had actually seen in their house). We all felt that if they were short on money, they could have just given us a card to acknowledge the holiday or came to visit us and skipped the gift. To get an item that was used brought the day down to a very materialistic event and that’s not what Christmas is about.

  9. Chaotic Kerri

    The super ladies in my post office advised me to send earlier this year for abroad, as there may still be backlog mail from the strikes, so if I was you I would send asap better early than late.

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