Universal blah

Is anyone else just generally a bit blah at the moment? Everyone at work this week (me included) has been saying they feel tired/have a headache/have a cold/ feel a bit deflated. Is it the weather? Who knows…

My home projects have become a bit stuck because I’ve got to the point where I need to get people in to do stuff. And the things that need to be done are so boring. I need to go and choose a new front door, get it delivered and then find someone to fit it. And then I need to be here while they are doing it but I’ve got no holiday left to take so I don’t quite see how it is going to happen. Here is a brief idea of just some of the very dull things that need to be done:

  • Living room door: Broken. Need to get a new one and then get someone in to hang it -much like the front door (and no, it can’t be fixed).
  • Wall lights: We have two of these in our Living room and they stopped working about a year ago. I don’t know why. I need to find someone to come over and fix them. Except I don’t know anyone who is willing to do this in the evening or at the weekend.
  • Flooring: Needs to be replaced in the bathroom, loo and second bedroom. Same problem as the above – I need to be here to let someone in to do it. Also need to go and actually choose it. And let someone in to measure up etc.

These are just a small handful of the things on my giant to do list. I’m just not keen on the idea of wasting weekends trailing around industrial estates or wherever choosing flooring and doors and so on. Or trying to find time to get people in to do this stuff. I’ve done most of the things that I can do myself which I think is why I have lost momentum. I’d give up on the whole thing but I know it needs to be done at some point (we want to sell in the next year or so) and I am fed up of having all of these things to do hanging over my head. Maybe I’ll have to wait until the new year when I can book a few days off work so I can be at home to let people in. THUS for the remainder of 2009 I need to concentrate on the few bits left that I can do myself. I’ll report back if I actually manage to get anything done!

On a slightly more proactive note, I ordered a few Christmas presents on my lunchbreak. I seem to have quite a few children to buy for these days. I find The Book People (you can google them) great for book gifts. The selection is always good and the titles are usually quite heavily discounted. I bought two activity books (one was £1.99, the other was £3.99) and another book for a gift which was £3.99. For those under 1, I ordered a couple of tops from Next. I’m glad I did such a lot of Christmas shopping earlier in the year – it makes it all a bit less daunting. However, I still have one or two things to pick up for friends and I haven’t got anything at all for my family so I guess that is what I need to focus on next!

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One thought on “Universal blah

  1. I reckon you sorted through that one as you were writing. if you can, hang on until the new year for all that fixing stuff. or in the meantime is there a neighbour or stay at home mum friend who would be willing and trustworthy to help you out in staying in for the workmen for you for a few quid? I know I would be happy to do that for a neighbour!

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