Plodding on

I really didn’t feel like continuing with the bedroom today but I eventually got around to having a go at it. Husband and I managed to put the curtain poles and the curtains back up (though not in the second bedroom – I developed a case of fingers-in-the-ears la la la). I then replaced the old lampshades with the new ones and finished sorting through my summer clothes. I bought a big plastic box to go under the bed in IKEA on Monday and away went all of the skirts, summer shoes and so on. I tried not linger on why this only seemed to free up one drawer…

I also sorted out the other things live under the bed and everything is now neatly folded and tucked away. I also cleared the tops of the wardrobes and put everything in small storage boxes and baskets. It looks a lot neater now.

I didn’t have the energy for doing the fiddly bits, like putting up the new picture and so on. Another day perhaps. At least the foundation is there for when the mood strikes. From a decluttering point of view, I managed to throw quite a few things away, have put a binliner full of stuff to be taken to the dump tomorrow and also a bag full of beads and accessories for the charity shop.

I also decided to tackle the two large jars that have sat, covered in dust, in the corner of our living room for years. They had a lot of change in the them as well as things like receipts from 2006. As you have probably guessed, I tend to ignore these jars. I got out my change bags and counted it all up – £11! Actually, there’s more left in the jar but I ran out of bags. I’ll be taking a trip to the bank on Monday to get them changed up…

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