Ah, September. Officially my favourite month of the year. It might have been a few years (ahem) since I was at school but I still want to go out and buy new pencils and a school bag. Except I already have more than enough stationery and more than one bag so, living down Shoestring Alley, I won’t be buying either – but you know what I mean. That said, the weather is rather spoiling my enjoyment of the month. My favourite September days are fresh, crisp and sunny with the slightest nip in the air. Instead I am confronted with grey skies and pouring rain. Living and working near the sea I am constantly bemused by the crazy tourists dawdling in the streets wearing shorts, flip flops and waterproof coats while shivering under umbrellas. Surely if you have the foresight to pack a waterproof jacket you can also pack at least one pair of trousers. And maybe some shoes and socks?!

Anyway. The cold weather is clearly approaching and I’m thinking about my freezer. I haven’t done much batch cooking over the summer as we haven’t fancied much of that kind of food. However, now the autumn is creeping up I am going to start doing some cooking sessions again. I have next week off so I should have a bit of time available. I might spend a bit more of my budget in one go for the next food shop to get extra supplies. I’ve missed having a selection of home cooked meals ready and waiting even though we’ve enjoyed salads and lighter meals this summer. Now I’ve just got to track down all of my tupperware boxes. In my house they vanish, leaving random lids behind that don’t fit the remaining boxes. I suspect foul play…

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2 thoughts on “Freezing

  1. I love September too and October. There is something about wanting to buy stationary when walking round the supermarket about this time of year. I was in Asda the other day with the fella and did have to buy some mini highlighters for 99p, how sad am I?

    I also made the 1st homemade soup of this Autumn yesterday! I have the urge of comfort food about now!

    Hope you are well and hopefully it’s a bit sunnier for you today x

  2. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Just catching up on everybody’s blog after returning from holiday, and it seems that September is a favourite time of year for lots of fellow bloggers – myself included!

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