A spot of shopping

I have been shopping…

A couple of months ago I was having a quick look around Gap and spotted a cosy looking hoody. I fell in love. I’ve been looking for a new hooded sweatshirt for…well, forever it feels like. I wanted one with a zip because my other one (without a zip) makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. I’d seen a couple online but they weren’t quite right and I have been determined to only buy clothes if I really, really like them. Anyway, when I saw this particular hoody they only had it in extra small (ha!) and didn’t have any others in stock. Each time I’ve been in town over the past month or so I’ve been back in and each time they only had it in extra small or extra large. Yesterday I went in and not only did they finally have it in a medium but they were 30% off! It was obviously meant to be. I also bought a cardigan which is gorgeous and looks great with jeans as well as being smart enough for work. I’m loving the fact that cardigans seem to be everywhere at the moment. They can be combined with all of those vests and little summer tops to make summer wardrobes stretch into autumn, which can only be a good thing in my book! 

Next up was Boots since I had a voucher and I replaced an eye shadow that is on its way out. I need to go through my make-up again. Some of the eye shadows seem to be looking a bit off. I’ve read that you should only keep eye make-up for about 6 months because of bacteria but I’ve never paid much attention to this – I don’t like throwing things away before I’ve used them up! However, I do know that some of my make-up is seriously old and perhaps I ought to just bin some of it. A project for another day…

Lastly I went to Habitat and used some money from the house fund to buy two lampshades for our bedroom. Our bedroom ceiling is fairly low so buying lampshades is a bit tricky. We’ve had the same paper shades for years and they are quite discoloured now. The trouble has been finding replacements. I got two paper shades for £15 each that I think will be okay. I’m not going to put them up until I’ve finished painting and I’ve kept the receipt in case they aren’t right. I guess this really does mean I’ve got to get the paintbrush out again…

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2 thoughts on “A spot of shopping

  1. I’m exactly the same about my makeup, I have no idea what to believe. Recently I took a look at all those use-by symbols on the packaging and I figured by now I should be covered in all sorts of unfriendly bacteria….but like you I loathe ditching something that seems (on the surface, anyway) perfectly ok. I did have a mini-cull though, and I felt a lot better for it. And my dressing table is now a lot cleaner as bits of old eyeshadow don’t end up everywhere.

    I liked your framed stamp collection btw!

    Kat x

  2. Frugal Trenches

    Somtimes we all have to have those shopping days. I find I enjoy them since they are so infrequent now!

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