Going BOGOF crazy and Food Diary: Day 4

I just spent a bit more than planned doing my weekly shop in the Co-op but they had some good offers on things that I use so I’ve gone BOGOF crazy for the second day in a row! I spent £40 and something pence so I have roughly £42 left for the last two weeks of the month which should be plenty. They had the stir-in sauces and also Dolmio white lasagne sauce on BOGOF so I stocked up. I don’t generally buy many jars of sauce but I have no patience with making my own white sauce (I know, I know, I should persevere) and the stir-in sauces are very handy for packed lunches. My cupboard is so well stocked at the moment I had trouble fitting it all in. Sausages were also on a offer so I bought an extra pack for the freezer. Pizza were also on offer so I grabbed a couple for tonight as a friend is coming over later. We are going to a birthday party tomorrow night. I already had half a bottle of vodka in the fridge so I picked up some yummy looking pressed fruit juice (apple and raspberry) – two for £2.40. AND Pringles were reduced to £1 so I grabbed a couple to take with us. So I did pretty well all in all…


BREAKFAST: Cereal and tea.

PACKED LUNCH: The same bacon-pasta thing as yesterday, 3 apples, a banana and a piece of home-made flapjack (I made a batch last night). Since it was a colleagues birthday I also had a piece of chocolate cake and three mini muffins!

DINNER: Pizza and salad. And flapjack!

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4 thoughts on “Going BOGOF crazy and Food Diary: Day 4

  1. gordon ramsey’s lasagne for channel 4 – its online – has transformed my relationship with white sauce. for some reason it is now much easier having made his quick lasagne. its very tasty too.

  2. Frugal Undergrad

    I’m amazed at how much fruit you eat. I sometimes have difficulty meeting my 2 portions a day… and you have 4 portions in one go!

    • shoestringalley

      Well, I do tend to eat them through the day rather than just at lunchtime! 🙂 I love fruit and, as I’m a very snacky sort of person, it seems like a better way to go than kit-kats and crisps (ah, if only they were superfoods)…

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