Bathroom Basics BOGOFs and Food diary: Day 3

I had to go and do some stocking up in Boots today – why does everything run out at the same time? I’m almost out of mouthwash so that was first on my list. I found a BOGOF deal on ‘Plax’ so I went with that one (they had the same offer on an own-brand mouthwash but they only had one left!) saving £3.29. My toothbrush has suddenly started looking a bit frayed so I wanted a new one. Boots are running a BOGOF deal on Listerine toothbrushes so I picked up two of those and saved £1.99. I also bought Boots’ own-brand tooth floss at £1.89 (actually not enough wax for my liking but it was the only option available). While I was hovering in the dental section I also noticed that my usual toothpaste was on offer, reduced from £1.29 to £1 so I picked up a tube of that as well. I generally avoid going into shops if I don’t need anything so, when I actually make it through the doors, I do have a quick ‘sweep’ to see if anything else I generally use is on offer. I spotted cotton wool pads – two packets for £2 (usually £1.65 each) so two packets duly went into my shopping basket. I spent a total of £10.17 and saved £6.87 and I’m all stocked up again.

There were lots of good offers on other products but not on anything I’m likely to run out of for a while so I wasn’t even tempted to pick anything else up. I’m still ploughing through my supply of soaps (remember I had something of a back-log?). I currently have one on the go in the soap dish and another still in its wrapper in a drawer. Even though I prefer body wash/shower gel, I made a pact with myself at the start of the year not to buy anymore until I really had nothing left to wash with. Using the soaps have been fine – my only grumble would be that the bath needs more of a scrub afterwards but that’s about it. I did buy two bars of olive soap while I was in Kos (the only things that I bought for myself to bring back). I decided to pick them up because the only local shop that stocks proper olive soap sells each bar for around £3 and, in Greece, it costs under £1. So, other than that, I’ve stuck to my pact pretty well. I’ve also got an unopened shower gel in the drawer but I’m saving that for when the soap supply has finally dwindled. I’ll really appreciate it when I finally get to use it!


BREAKFAST: Cereal and a cup of tea (are you seeing a pattern here?!)

PACKED LUNCH: Last night I boiled up some wholemeal pasta twists and shells. I then added a stir-in sweet pepper sauce (one of two which I got on a BOGOF deal and which had been sitting in the cupboard for a bit!) and 4 rashers of bacon, chopped up and fried with a tiny amount of oil. Seriously yummy. I made 4 large portions so there is enough for both Husband and I to have some for lunch today and tomorrow.  Also, two apples, a banana and a slice of melon.

DINNER: It’s been a bit of an odd ‘using things up’ dinner tonight – large platefuls of cauliflower cheese (with broccoli and peas added). I’ve also got some corn on the cobb which we’ll have later with butter. This is currently on offer at Tesco – each pack contains two for £1.50 but it is currently…you guessed it… buy one get one free!

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6 thoughts on “Bathroom Basics BOGOFs and Food diary: Day 3

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Your food diary’s really interesting to read. I think you husband is probably more flexible to feed than mine – if I offered mine a plate of cauliflower and broccoli cheese for dinner, he’d ask me where was his main course! Seriously – he would it it, but only as a side dish to a pork chop or something. Me on the other hand – I’d be more than happy with cauliflower cheese for dinner – it’s one of my favourites!

  2. shoestringalley

    He’s fairly laid back, though Cauliflower Cheese is one of his favourites so it’s never a tough sell – he actually got me started on it in the first place!

  3. Well done you on persevering with using soap instead of shower gel. I’ve got a carrier bag full of bars of soap I’ve picked up at car boots and charity shops and last year read that using soap was like using cotton as opposed to shower gel which was akin to nylon. Well, I gave it a go but I just couldn’t get on with the soap no matter how hard I tried. Luckily, most of my shower gel comes from car boot sales too. And I don’t think I’ll run out of soap for hand washing in my lifetime.

    Re: the BOGOF offers – I have had some success asking staff to have a check in the stockroom if there’s only one of a BOGOF that I want to buy left on the shelf.

    • shoestringalley

      Not just me that’s got a bit of an aversion to soap then! I wonder why? I wish I liked it more as I know it is better for the environment to use products that don’t require plastic bottles and tubes but…I really do prefer shower gel!

  4. thefrenchchick

    Your dinner sounds like what my mil calls musgo. Something’s been in the fridge, freezer or cupboard long enough and now it must go. We do that about once a week just so the leftovers get eaten.

    • shoestringalley

      Musgo – great term! It’s the best way to make sure you don’t let anything go to waste!

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