Coming in under budget

I did the big monthly shop last night and did really well – £56.42. As I had the £20 compensation moneycard with me I got some extra treats including some booze to take to a party tonight, a book, a pizza and big smoothie carton. So my shop actually only cost £36.42. This leaves me with just over £27 a week budget for food shopping for the rest of the month. I’ve been trying to use up things from the freezer that have been in there a while. I need to give it a good clearout and start again. I took out a packet of mince last night and I’m going to make a lasagne later on. During the week I’m also going to try to get around to using up some salmon and mackerell too. I’m trying not to buy too much stuff for the freezer until it has emptied out a bit but I saw a chicken on special offer last night and couldn’t resist. Not exactly exciting stuff but good for the budget! It would be nice if there was a bit left over at the end of the month. I need to restart my treats purse which was thoroughly cleaned-out pre-holiday.

For the last couple of months the bill for the monthly shop has been much lower. I can’t decide if this is either because I’m getting better at just buying what I really need or if the prices are getting more competitive. Maybe a bit of both. I haven’t done a huge amount of cooking for the last month or so so I still have good storecupboard supplies of things like pasta, tinned tuna and so on which probably helps. Also, I noticed (and made use of!) a lot of good offers last night – particularly on fruit. I bought so much I had to get a second bowl out to put it all in.

I’m feeling a bit sleepy now. I got up at eight this morning and since Husband was at work I got straight on and wrote for about four hours (see thingamie at the side for update). Now I’ve just got to decide the best thing to do; make a pot of coffee or go and have a little nap…

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One thought on “Coming in under budget

  1. Frugal Trenches

    Well done you, that is fabulous!!!

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