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A spot of shopping

I have been shopping…

A couple of months ago I was having a quick look around Gap and spotted a cosy looking hoody. I fell in love. I’ve been looking for a new hooded sweatshirt for…well, forever it feels like. I wanted one with a zip because my other one (without a zip) makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. I’d seen a couple online but they weren’t quite right and I have been determined to only buy clothes if I really, really like them. Anyway, when I saw this particular hoody they only had it in extra small (ha!) and didn’t have any others in stock. Each time I’ve been in town over the past month or so I’ve been back in and each time they only had it in extra small or extra large. Yesterday I went in and not only did they finally have it in a medium but they were 30% off! It was obviously meant to be. I also bought a cardigan which is gorgeous and looks great with jeans as well as being smart enough for work. I’m loving the fact that cardigans seem to be everywhere at the moment. They can be combined with all of those vests and little summer tops to make summer wardrobes stretch into autumn, which can only be a good thing in my book! 

Next up was Boots since I had a voucher and I replaced an eye shadow that is on its way out. I need to go through my make-up again. Some of the eye shadows seem to be looking a bit off. I’ve read that you should only keep eye make-up for about 6 months because of bacteria but I’ve never paid much attention to this – I don’t like throwing things away before I’ve used them up! However, I do know that some of my make-up is seriously old and perhaps I ought to just bin some of it. A project for another day…

Lastly I went to Habitat and used some money from the house fund to buy two lampshades for our bedroom. Our bedroom ceiling is fairly low so buying lampshades is a bit tricky. We’ve had the same paper shades for years and they are quite discoloured now. The trouble has been finding replacements. I got two paper shades for £15 each that I think will be okay. I’m not going to put them up until I’ve finished painting and I’ve kept the receipt in case they aren’t right. I guess this really does mean I’ve got to get the paintbrush out again…

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Brightening a dark corner

I really do need to be getting on with the home improvements. I’m bored of thinking about it. I’m bored of writing lists. Doing rather than talking and planning is the order of the day. I still haven’t finished the painting in the bedroom, though most of the hard work is done – I’m just left with the fiddly bits. However, there are other things that need doing in there. I’ve been trying to find new pictures to go on the walls but I can’t seem to find anything I like – not on a small budget anyway! Last night I did this…


I had the frame in a different room with different pictures in it that I had got bored of. Last year I bought a pack of stamps from WH Smith, all bearing pictures of butterflies. I taped black card to the back of the mount and then stuck the stamps on using pritt stick. It took about, oh I don’t know, 10 minutes? Okay, it’s not exactly a work of art but I like it. I love stamps. Not in a collecting/researching sort of way – just generally. Good ones are, actually, like tiny works of art. And stamps are sort of facinating when you think about them – the possibilities of a stamp! I’m aware I’m getting into geek territory here…

Anyway, I’ve managed to do something with a corner of the bedroom without going out and buying anything I didn’t already have. Now I just need to get on with the rest of the room…

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The end of the soap rations (and other adventures in shopping)

Yup – I finally used up the last of my blinkin’ soaps! In case you don’t remember what I’m talking about, I had a big clear out of my bathroom back in March and realised I had millions of soaps which I hadn’t used because I prefer shower gel. Being shoestringish, I realised this was clearly ridiculous and vowed I would buy no more shower gels until I had used it all up. Earlier this week the last bar of soap was finished and I skipped into Boots to pick up supplies. I got a great deal on Imperial Leather shower gels – 4 for £3! I chose 4 different ones (including a ‘man’ one for Husband). Who would’ve thought shower gel could be so exciting? I’ll never take it for granted again…and I probably won’t buy any soap for about 10 years or so.

On the shopping theme, I’ve also picked up a couple of things for the house. We have a fund (put back last year) for ‘finishing’ the house which I’ve been very slack about of late. I’ve been looking for a new bedroom mirror for about a year but all of the ones I’d seen and liked seemed to start at about £70. A local shop is having a closing down sale (they’ve been ‘closing down’ for about a year now) and everything is half price. I found a great mirror reduced to £20 and it is exactly the right size and style. I’ll need to paint the frame white but other than that it is perfect (I’ll post some photos when I actually get around to doing it). I also got one of those wire thingies that you can prop photos and postcards up in. I don’t know what they are actually called – you’d know what I mean if you saw it. Again, once it is in situ I’ll take a photo. It was reduced to £8 and will hang in an awkward space in the second bedroom that I never know quite what to do with.

I really do need to get on with these home improvements. I’m fed up with sitting in each room thinking we need to do this and we need to do that. If I just got on and did it all I could think more important thoughts. Like what am I going to eat and whether I should have a snooze or read a book…

Earlier this month I ended up cancelling three days holiday because I had too much on at work. I’ve rolled this over into September, shifted two other dates and – hey presto – I get a week off! This will be a week at home. Husband is working so it will just be me pottering around doing whatever I fancy. I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t have particularly grand plans. I’m going to work on my creative writing project, hopefully do a bit of DIY, do some bass practice, stay up late and watch all of my favourite films. It’s going to be great!

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Getting married on a shoestring: Photographs

An increasing number of people seem to ask friends or family to do their wedding photos for them. Digital photography makes this a much less risky business as you can quickly check how well a photograph has come out and if you need to have another go. There are lots of books giving advice on taking photographs for a wedding and what people usually expect (bride and groom signing the register, bride and groom with family, bride with bridesmaids etc). The recent trend for reportage photography means that casual and natural shots are more in fashion than more formal groupings anyway.

Our wedding photos were fairly awful; people’s heads were cut off, there were many wonky angles (not in an artistic way I might add) and they were generally, well, bad. The photographer was recommended by the venue and she showed us album after album of photographs she had taken which all seemed fine. Looking back though, there only seemed to be a few photos from each wedding she had done. It might be an idea to ask to see a complete set – it would at least show if your photographer can take a consistently good series of photos! This is aside from the fact that she was a nightmare to have there – loud and overbearing. She obviously thought it would be terribly funny to tell the guests to shout ‘Sex!’ instead of ‘cheese’. I wonder what my elderly relatives made of that?! She was also very bossy and liked the sound of her own voice far too much. By the time we had signed the register and posed for the first round of photos I could have cheerfully strangled the woman. All of which, of course, would have been forgiven had the photos been good. We literally have one or two photographs that are okay. I have a single photograph of me in my dress and to even get that one good print Mum had to use photoshop. Thankfully lots of guests took photos and we have cobbled a strange collection together. One day I might sit down with them all and have a go with photoshop again but (ten years later) I’m still too annoyed!

There’s no doubt that a photographer with a top of the range camera is going to get the best results. Prices vary A LOT. I know a photographer that charges a very small sum compared to others and I think she would be well worth every penny. That said, I know plenty of people who have had a friend take their photos (preferably a friend with a decent camera and a good ‘eye’) and they have been great. It really depends on your budget. If you can afford to get someone who knows what they are doing then go for it. But if expenses like this are stopping you from getting married because you can’t find the money (or would have to get into debt to pay for it) then there are other options. It is worth asking around to see if you can find a newly qualified photographer who might be willing to take your photographs at a discounted rate to build their portfolio. I also know one couple who found a wedding photographer by getting permission from the local college to put up a notice appealing to its photography students.

I don’t get some of the wedding photos I’ve seen anyway. I saw one in the local paper not so long ago of the bride laying front down on a lawn, propped up on her elbows and grinning at the camera. It looked like she was doing a bizarre commando crawl away from the wedding (had she gone off the groom perhaps?). I also saw one with the bride perched precariously in a tree with her new husband stood beneath. I mean, if they are avid tree climbers or perhaps qualified tree surgeons then I guess it makes sense. Maybe it was just their sense of humour – who knows?

One of the brilliant things about the advances in technology is that nearly everyone has access to digital cameras and camcorders. Two people made videos of our wedding and they are brilliant (particularly considering the lousy photos). We refer to one video as the official version and the other as the comedy version. On the latter, my favourite moment is a candid shot of me talking to Mum through a crowd of people. You can’t make out what we are saying but I am pointing at the photographer, looking cross and making a swinging motion with a clenched fist. Makes me laugh like a drain every time I watch it back…

Were your wedding photos fantastic or a disaster like mine? What’s the best/worst wedding photo you have ever seen (my ward goes to the commando bride)? Do you think it is better to pay for a Pro or have you seen great photos taken by a friend of the couple?

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Shoestring Goals

Setting monthly goals for myself was very useful in the beginning of Mission: Shoestring. I’d been doing it for a couple of months before I started this blog, which came about because I wanted to keep track of what I was doing. Having goals, which have included everything from decluttering to being inventive with a reduced food shopping budget, have been a good way of keeping my eyes on the prize; namely, spending less and saving more.

The tag line for this blog (which I didn’t think too much about at the time) is ‘Learning to live on a shoestring…’ and that’s what it is still all about (though my definition of a shoestring is naturally going to be different to other people’s!). I’m ticking along pretty well now. Having made signifigant cut-backs I now save a large portion of my monthly income – something I never, ever managed before. I don’t really need goals every month – they’d be the same each time ‘£30 a week for food, £20 for spending money’ etc etc. I’m also less keen on setting monthly goals for other things like decluttering, redecoration and all of those other projects. It still all needs to be done but I’m going to try a different approach for a while and see if it works better for me.  If I’ve got something specific that needs doing then I might throw in a few goals – but I don’t think it will be the general rule.

My approach to spending has changed completely. I seem to have conquered the mentality of wanting all of those ‘treats’ that over the years have got me into debt, stopped me saving and cluttered my house up! I might do a seperate post about this at some point. But surfice it to say that I am confident I am doing enough on the budgeting and saving fronts to not need to be as strict with myself if I’d like a new top or fancy buying a couple of books. I think I needed the rules in the beginning to keep me on track and to break long established spending habits. Provided I don’t start slipping into those old habits (namely buying more than I need or can use or simply buying things for the sake of it) I’ll give myself free reign with whatever is left after my savings have been put aside.

At some point, I’m going to change my ‘Monthly goals’ page (see tab at the top) to show what I’m now going to be working towards. That way I can still keep track and report back on how I’m doing!

Update: I’ve now changed my ‘Monthly Goals’ page to ”Shoestring Living’ Goals’.

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Getting married on a shoestring: Hair & beauty

I am no good at doing my hair (beyond using GHDs – maybe the odd go with some curling tongs) so I went to a local salon. It cost very little really. You know those old fashioned salons – the ones that often seem to specialise in blue rinses? You’ll often find that the hairstylists in these kind of places are much better at up-do’s than salons with younger, newly trained stylists (not always, but sometimes). I went for something very simple using a hair comb decorated with tiny rosebuds but I couldn’t have done it myself (and if I had, it would have lasted all of half an hour). By all means go to a fancy salon – but you are going to pay a premium for the flash interior etc. Everyone seems to go in for the hair ‘rehersal’ so make sure you do this early on in the planning and take a photograph for reference (both yours and theirs). That way, if you don’t like what they do, you should still have time to find a different salon. Obviously if you, or a friend, are good at doing hair then a spot of DIY could be a good idea.

The same goes for make-up. I did my own. I went to a large Boots and chose a lovely eye-shadow set, a lipstick and a cream blush and based my choices on a) what would look fairly natural but also b) complement the colours in my dress. I then used my regular foundation and a bit of powder to make it last longer. I also used my usual mascara and lash curlers. In make-up specifically bought for the wedding day, I think I spent around £20 and, of course, I got to use it all for a long time afterwards. I also did my own nails and bought a simple, pale pink varnish to wear on the day. This, however, was all very easy for me because I wear make-up most days so I know how to put it on, what suits me and what doesn’t. And although I like to wear make-up I don’t like a thick layer of it.

If you aren’t as sure of yourself, or just want someone else to do it in case of shaky hands, then consider asking a friend who is good at make-up to help you out. One of my friends is very, very good at doing make-up, hair and nails even though she has no qualifications in this field, nor has she ever worked in it. She always looks very groomed and knows what she is doing with a make-up brush. I have lost track of the number of brides she has helped out. Usually she just does their make-up but has occasionally done people’s hair and nails as well. She usually tells the bride-to-be to go and buy what make-up they would like to wear and then they do a practice run. What a poppet. If you have a friend like this who is willing to help then get them involved and remember to get them a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine to say thank you. That said, another friend of mine had a professional make-up artist on the day who did a great job – the look was very light and natural yet it lasted all day and she was thrilled. It just depends what you are prepared to cut back on and what you aren’t. But I’d still advise shoestringers to go for the DIY option.

There are lots of websites that can advise you on how to apply make-up ‘properly’. Even if you want a fairly natural look, you’ll probably need to wear more than usual to make it last all day. Whether you are going to do your own make-up or not, it is a good idea to spend a bit of time practicing with different colours, products and looks so you know exactly what you want. A lot of people swear by various different skin primers and bases which are designed to make your make-up last and there are plenty of budget options available.

Speaking of skin (and I’m certainly no expert) I’d advise drinking lots and lots of water for the weeks leading up to the big day so your skin is as clear and fresh as possible. Also, face packs can ‘bring out’ spots so it might be a good idea to steer clear of them for at least a week before the wedding. Exfoliation makes your skin look lovely and polished and provides a great base for your make-up. Personally I find using a muslin cloth to wash my face is far better for exfoliation than anything that comes in a jar or tube. Muslin cloths are also great because they can be washed and reused again and again. And they cost nothing more than the very small initial investment.

Do keep an eye on the costs of all of these things, because they can really add up. I know someone who recently got eyelash extensions for their wedding. And a spray tan. And acrylic nails. A pedicure in a spa. A professional make-up artist. An expensive hair stylist and hair extensions. Please don’t get me wrong – all of these things are fine and I really don’t see why you shouldn’t treat yourself if you can afford it. But the cost of all of the above came at an eye-watering price. Work out what you could realistically achieve at home and what you actually need to pay for help with!!

Things to consider:

  • DIY make-up: If you go for this option, really do have a good look on the internet for ideas on style and staying power. Make a complete list of everything you’ll need from foundation to mascara and make sure you have everything well in advance. Practice!
  • Professional make-up artists: You can go for this option (my only friend that hired a pro was extremely happy with the results) but if you are genuinely on a tight budget I really wouldn’t bother.
  • Help from a friend: Make sure you do a practice run so you know what you’ll need to get and also if they can achieve the look you want. And get them a little thank you present.
  • Skincare: Water and muslin cloths are a very budget friendly approach!
  • Hair: Only do-it-yourself if you are actually any good at it (or if your wedding is very, very casual and you don’t really care). Same rules apply as with make-up.
  • Nails: If you want a natural look then you can do it yourself or rope in a friend with a steady hand. If not, then get them done professionally (though don’t mention it is for your wedding or you might find the price shoots up).  

What advise would you give a bride who wants to save a few pennies in the hair and beauty department? What preparations did you make yourself? I’m really enjoying hearing all of your different stories and ideas!

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Getting married on a shoestring: The flowers

001 - Copy

My bouquet was a bit of a disaster. I mean, it was a pretty bouquet but it wasn’t what I was expecting. They gave me the wrong colour roses and instead of the lovely trumpet shaped arum lillies I ordered, a completely different kind. I wasn’t one of those girls who spent years imagining and planning for their wedding but I had always really wanted those lillies! Never mind. The thing is, by the time you pick them up on the big day it is probably too late to do anything about it if they aren’t what you wanted (trust me – I know). My advice would be to get a recommendation from someone and to be very, very clear in your instructions. Also, phone around for quotes and make sure you are getting the best deal.

Better still, if you are trying to keep your budget down, arrange the bouquet yourself or ask a creative friend to do it for you. I have a friend who has put together a simple bridal bouquet on more than one occasion. Since the current trend seems to be for simple bunches of flowers (often all one colour of all one type) instead of more formal arrangements I doubt there has ever been a better time to do it yourself.

For the budget conscious bride, here are some things you might want to consider:

  • DIY: Look online for tips and ideas. Practice. If you have very specific requirements then make sure you order the flowers rather than just turning up the day before and being disappointed.
  • Hire a florist to do it for you: In my experience, a high street florist is the cheapest options but shop around for quotes.
  • Flowers for venues: Consider bunches of flowers all of the same type and colour on tables or single stems. They look amazing and cost a lot less than professional arrangements.
  • Rope friends in: (You’re going to see this option a lot!). If a creative guest asks what you’d like for your wedding present, ask them if they will do the arranging for you (though don’t expect them to pay for the flowers unless they offer to as part of your gift).
  • Buttonholes: Not very expensive to have done up actually but even cheaper if you can do it yourself. Look online – there are loads of websites showing you how to do make your own. Also consider how many people really need a buttonhole.

What kind of flowers did you choose for your wedding or what would your fantasy bouquet contain? Do you have any advice for people trying to do it themselves?

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Shoestring haircare

I had my hair trimmed this morning. I’m not sure but I don’t think I’ve had it done since just before I started this blog. My hair is long and grows very slowly so it doesn’t need ‘doing’ very often. My relationship with my hair is extremely low maintenance. I use a shampoo soap bar from Lush (they seem to last forever and are better for the environment because they don’t come in any packaging) and then just buy whatever conditioner is on offer. My one ‘extravagance’ is TIGI Fashionista Smooth and Shine which protects your hair from heat damage. It also makes your hair very silky and lovely without weighing it down.  I used to buy it from a salon at £10 a go. However, I have since found a website ( that sells it at a great discount and, even with postage and packaging costs, it is still cheaper. I tend to order two at a time to save on postage costs and it always arrives in super-quick time.

I used to go to the kind of flashy salon where you get a mini-indian head massage and I’d always get my hair washed and blow-dried into the bargain. The thing was – it never was actually a bargain. The salons like this in my neck of the wood are trying to style themselves on city salons where you’d expect to pay a heftier price tag. My hair isn’t difficult to cut – it is shoulder length with a few layers and a bit of a fringe, so nothing complicated or time consuming. Even so, I was basically being charged around £35 for a trim. The last hairdresser I had in one of these kind of places was foul. She (with her head of blonde highlights) once ran her hands through my hair and complemented me on the colour and then added ‘Though it is a funny ashy sort of blonde, isn’t it?’. Hmmm.  The first time I went to see her I booked a dry trim. While she was cutting my hair she asked, in a very superior tone, ‘So why have you booked a dry trim – don’t you ever get your hair cut properly?’. I have no idea why I ever went back. My last visit to her was when a wash, trim and blow-dry set me back the newly inflated price of £35 and she did an awful job of it. I got a recommendation from a  friend and switched to a smaller local salon where I was only charged £15. The trouble was, in the space of a year, the prices shot up to £25. So I was on the search for a hairdresser yet again.

My current hairdresser is based in the most inauspiciously located salon I have ever come across. And yet she trims my hair perfectly, doesn’t sniff about giving me a dry trim (frankly I am more than capable of washing and drying my own hair) and only charges me £8. I give her a £2 tip every time.

Hair is a funny thing and one bad haircut can sour a long relationship with a hairdresser faster than anything I know. If you want to cut back on your spending, I’d advise checking out small, old-fashioned salons and also mobile hairdressers who don’t need to factor in the running costs of a salon. I also know a lot of people who have recently traded in professionally highlighted manes for darker hair that they can dye at home.

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Getting married on a shoestring: The Venue

Wedding season is here once more. I seem to be surrounded by people who are, if not getting married themselves, preparing to be guests at other people’s weddings. I read something recently (I can’t remember where) that said that the average cost of attending a wedding these days is £300 per guest by the time a new outfit, travel, accomodation and a gift has been factored in. In many cases I wouldn’t be surprised if this was more – particularly if you’ve been invited to a stag or hen party that involves an overnight stay. I’ve also read a lot of articles about the average cost of a wedding with estimates ranging from £10,000 – £18,000. Is it just me or is this complete madness?

How many couples start out their married life in debt because of the wedding? Or save for years to have a dream wedding when they could have used the money to put a deposit on their own home or go travelling for a year or something that lasts, frankly, longer than a single day? I know it could be argued that the memory of the day is something that lasts but shouldn’t the memory of marrying the person you supposedly want to spend the rest of your life with be good enough? 

I felt really sad when someone else told me about a couple they know who are really unhappy because they desperately want to get married but can’t afford it. It made me feel sad because society seems to have set the standards so high that, clearly, some people feel like they can’t measure up. It doesn’t actually cost that much, from a legal point of view, to tie the knot. It is all the other stuff – the dress, the venue, the caterers and so on that make the whole affair so expensive.

I’m certainly no expert on this but I’ve had a wedding of my own and have also been involved with many of my friends weddings. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people out there have got some good ideas too. So I thought I might do a mini-series about getting married on a shoestring with a few things I’ve noticed and get everyone else to chip in (whether they have been married themselves or been a guest). So, please, if you’ve got some ideas to share, add them to the comments section. If I can manage it, I’ll try to update the posts to include people’s suggestions! 

I’m going to kick the series off with…


Getting this organised really dictates everything else. If you are going to have a religious ceremony then you’ll obviously need to get your local church (or similar) booked. If not, there are a huge amount of options now, since licences are available for all kinds of places. Also consider the time of year you want to get married. It is tempting, I know, to get married in summer but sometimes (not always) you might find that certain venues charge less outside of this conventional wedding season. I’ve lost track of the times I’ve attended summer weddings here in the UK and ended up with bare legs turning blue and chattering teeth while sporting a summer dress and sandals. I mean, it’s not like the weather here is exactly predicatable is it?!

Husband and I got married one winter’s evening in front of a roaring open fire . We had a freakishly sunny day during which we had a wander in town where we bought and ate croissants before I headed off to the hairdressers and got ready in a slow and leisurely fashion. I admit, this might be a bit too unconventional for some. We went in the same car together, got there far too early and ended up greeting most of the guests at the door (who seemed quite surprised that I wasn’t tucked away somewhere, waiting to make a grand entrance). Horses for courses I say. My own wedding is still the only one I have ever been to that was in the (early) evening. Why don’t people do this more? It was brilliant – all dark starry skies and long shadows thrown from candles and the fireplace. At Christmas we saw the mother of one of Husband’s friends who came to our wedding (which took place 10 years ago) and she was nice enough to say that it was still the most enjoyable wedding she had ever been to. I digress. My point is, you don’t necessarily have to go down the most conventional route (which often ends up being the most expensive one).

My family decorated the venue for us (a country house/manor type place – we got married in the library which was heaven for a book-worm like me). The mantlepieces were decorated with candles and also holly and ivy from my parents garden. Mum also spent weeks making table centrepieces from foam, white candles, holly, ivy and pinecones (I might see if I can get her to do a ‘how-to’ post on this!).

On a completely different note, I have worked with two different people who have gone on holiday and come back married without telling anyone what they were up to before they went! They both said that it worked out cheaper to have a combined wedding and honeymoon in a far flung exotic place than have a traditional wedding at home. I must point out though – neither did it this way because it was cheaper, it just turned out that way upon reflection!

Here are a few venue ideas I’ve picked up from my own wedding and other weddings I have attended:

  • If you have a family member with a large house and garden (or you have one yourself) consider having your reception at home (though, personally, I wouldn’t want to deal with the clean-up operation the next day!).
  • Decorate the venue yourself. You can either buy flowers and arrange them yourself or raid the garden of a willing friend or family member. Plain white candles always look elegant and are easy to decorate (look online for ideas). Fairy lights, IMHO, always look a bit magical. Scatter them around the room or in trees outside. You can probably borrow them rather than going out and buying a load. A friend of mine decorated another friends wedding venue with jaunty bunting. You know what you like – get creative!
  • Carefully consider both the time of year and time of day you want to get married. Spend a bit of time thinking outside the box (even if you don’t end up acting upon any of your ideas).
  • Get married on holiday. I think two people just going away together and getting married without the big fuss is actually wildly romantic. Others, of course, will not.
  • Have a rough idea of the number of guests you will want to invite before you make any bookings. A few people rattling around in a giant country house will feel ridiculous. Similarly, 300 people crammed into somewhere tiny won’t thank you for it.
  • Only go for something very formal if you really like being very formal. Or if the person paying likes things really formal and you don’t actually care either way.
  • Check out the registery offices in and around the area that you are considering. There are some amazingly beautiful ones out there.
  • Receptions don’t have to be held in hotels – don’t forget to check out local halls and so on. There are some very pretty and functional village halls surrounded by stunning countryside where I live. Each area will be able to offer something different.
  • Ask for help. My experience has been that friends and family love being involved in the planning of the big day. You could ask people to help you out as their wedding present to you.
  • My favourite celebrity wedding venue: When Kate Winslet got married the first time, she tied the knot in her local church and then everyone went down to the local pub and had bangers and mash. I’ve always liked Kate for this… 

I know I’ve forgotten loads of things so please feel free to chip in with any venue ideas, great wedding memories or horror stories!

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Food Diary: Day 9

Today I have mostly been amused by…someone happening upon this blog by using a search for ‘husband in frillies’. I have no idea what they were actually hoping to find but I doubt it was the story of my Husband accidentally buying a frilly umbrella!


BREAKFAST: Cereal and tea.

LUNCH: Sandwich filled with cheddar and the last of my runner bean chutney (noooooooo!), 2 kiwis, 2 apples and a banana. Also a colleague got very excited about a deal on multi-packs of crisps, bought a load and then handed them out. Nice.

DINNER: At parents so no cooking for me today.

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