PS – Blogrolls

Some lovely blogging folk have dropped my recently but I’ve been crazy busy (and consumed with mad toothache) and have only had chance to glimpse some great blogs that I hadn’t heard of. And I’m losing track! So if anyone would like to go on each other’s blogrolls drop me a line and I’ll tryo to catch up with everyone!

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3 thoughts on “PS – Blogrolls

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    It’s so easy to lose track, isn’t it? I’ve got to update mine, too!

  2. You’re on my blogroll, and you’re staying there, Friend.

    Does it hurt your feelings when they drop you? I was dropped off one of my favorites, and it totally stung. BTW, this person’s blog is still on my blogroll…

    Maybe it’s just me being over-sensitive…

    (sniff, sniff…)

    • shoestringalley

      How mean! There will always be a spot for you on my blogroll 🙂 . Could it have been something to do with your change in blog address maybe?

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