A budget-friendly shopping spree

I mentioned a few posts ago that I ordered some things in the sales online. Well, they arrived and some have already gone back. The first things I ordered were a top and a dress from Great Plains. The top was reduced to £15 and was a perfect fit so I was really pleased with it. The dress, alas, was not so good. Despite the fact that both Husband and a friend who was over when I tried it on said ‘Wow’ I didn’t keep it. I felt like it drowned me and made me look 2 dress sizes larger than I actually am. When I looked at my reflection in the mirror and paused at the bust-line the first thought that popped into my head was ‘matronly’. Not exactly how you want a little black dress to make you feel! I don’t want to give space (or cash) to things I don’t really like so I parcelled it up straight away and took it to the post office to be returned the very next day.

The second order I made was for shoes. One pair is great. They are almost flat (just a tiny, tiny wedge heel) with an ankle strap and a peep-toe and made of very, very soft tan leather. I had been eyeing them up for a while and was thrilled to see that they had been reduced from £55 to £30. Definitely keepers. The other shoes were gorgeous but seriously painful through some mad design flaw. I was a bit annoyed when I realised that they didn’t some with a return form. My options were to either pay for them to be posted back by registered mail (how much would that have cost?!) or to take them back to a store within 14 days. Since Husband was making a trip to our nearest ‘big’ town I caught a ride and returned them in person for nothing.

My orders had come to around £100 but as I had returned the dress and a pair of shoes I had £50 ‘back’. Since I was in town I decided to indulge in a rare spot of shopping. I did quite well. I got a long sleeved, slim fitting black T-shirt from Gap for the princely sum of £8.80.  Don’t ask how someone with a 50% black wardobe didn’t have a version of this most basic of items – I don’t know myself. Next I wandered into Accessorise and spent ages picking things up and putting them back down again. I kept seeing things I could get for my gift box – gorgeous twinkly purses, cocktail rings, silk scarves…but I didn’t. I always keep my filofax on me and inside is a list of gifts I have already bought and for whom. After a quick look I realised that I have already bought birthday and Christmas gifts for all of the friends that might have liked this sort of thing so there was really no point. Instead I bought myself a seriously gorgeous scarf (blues, pinks and golds) reduced from £22 to £12. I also picked up a pair of stud earrings which exactly match the scarf and were reduced to a fantastic £2. Out the £50 I had got back, I had only spent £22.20. So, clearly in the mood for playing with fire, I stepped through the doors of Paperchase. My first visit in I don’t know how long. I was very restrained. I have used up all of my A4 notepads so I bought myself a new one (I have a specific project in mind that I will be using this for but I’ll come back to this another time). My next purchase was 3 postcards (1 to go in a frame, the other 2 to be used as birthday card/gift tags). I spent a long time hovering over the notepads which, as a serious stationery addict, have always been my biggest weakness. I spent ages looking at pads of all sizes, think how nice it would be just to have a little one to go in my handbag but then also thinking about how I didn’t really want to be buying notepads I might not need or to start carrying too much crap around with me again. Then I remembered my beloved filofax that lives in my handbag anyway and decided to buy a little packet of coloured notepaper to go inside it instead – the perfect solution. Finally I picked up a sheet of cute cupcake stickers that I thought would look nice on birthday cards. My total came to £9.30 which, for me – the stationery addict – is restrained and remarkable in the extreme.

So this month my grand shopping total has come to £77.10 and for my money I have got:

  • a very pretty and flattering teal/turquise top
  • a black long sleeved T-shirt
  • a pair of smart leather summer shoes
  • a scarf (casual for once, rather than dressy)
  • earrings
  • a notepad
  • 3 postcards
  • notepaper
  • cupcake stickers

I am really pleased with every single purchase as I know I will get good use out of all of it and that I really, really like every single thing. And it still came to less than my ‘original’ shop!

Have you bought anything recently that you’ve really got a kick out of? Go on, ‘fess up!

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