Days 92 & 93: A spot of DIY

I finally did it – I painted our bedroom! It took up most of yesterday. We have annoying bobbly wallpaper so I had to do it with a paintbrush ratehr than a roller to get a decent coat on. I still have to go around a few corners and do all of the woodwork but the main part is over. The colour is not what I was expecting but I like it. It is a sort of beige-grey which sounds hideous, I know. I’ll post a photo when I’m done.

While I was painting Husband started tackling the hallway cupboard. It’s going to take several sessions but he’s made a good start. We loaded the car up and took another trip to the dump this morning. It amazed me that we can throw so much stuff away and still have no extra space. Mysterious…

Haven’t spent any money at all this weekend. Husband cooked salmon, roast potatoes and salad for dinner last night and I was painting until quite late. Then, like a fool, I stayed up reading and then decided to learn to play the piano via the medium of youtube (quite good actually) so I didn’t get to bed until 3am. Unsurprisingly I woke up feeling tired and stiff. Today we took bagels and eggs (which I bought in the week) to a friend’s house and had a lovely brunchy-lunch. The only thing I need now is a long hot bath!

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Home Improvements: painting the bedroom walls and ceiling
  • Decluttering: hallway cupboard
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One thought on “Days 92 & 93: A spot of DIY

  1. get that bedroom painting bug!! I so know what you mean with the getting rid of stuff and still having the same amount of NO SPACE. How???

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