Day 91: These [shoes] were made for walking

Took another massive bag of stuff to the charity shop again today. This time it was mostly books. About 20 of them! The lady in the shop was really pleased. Obviously I’ll be going back. I’ve already re-filled my giant beach bag, which I am using for these trips, with more books – mostly large reference type books that I never look at.

This evening I’ve had a little look through my wardrobe again to see if there is anything else I can get rid of. I managed to find a jacket that I quite like but haven’t worn for a couple of years, a shirt and two work tops. I like the tops well enough but I only wear them a few times a year. Going through my clothes is interesting. Sometimes I find things I haven’t worn for ages and it is a great reminder of things I really like and can get more wear out of – a bit like having new clothes. Other times, like today, I find things that I hardly ever wear. I can’t quite put my finger on why I persistently skip over them when I’m deciding what to wear but I always do. So they might as well go and make a bit more space. I have a very, very small wardrobe and everything gets crushed so more space is always a good thing!

I also found a pair of shoes shoved at the back, covered in dust and spider webs. I’ve nearly thrown these shoes away a million times but have never quite managed it. They are not particularly attractive shoes. They are flat, black leather shoes which are fine I suppose but I always feel they are a bit frumpy. However, the reason I keep hanging on to them is because they feel like heaven on my feet. I’ve mentioned before the strange phenomenon of me and shoes – most styles won’t stay on. I’m really pleased that these shoes have survived my various clear-outs. I keep meaning to go out for a walk but I really couldn’t find a comfortable pair of shoes suitable for warm/hot weather. I’ve given them a good clean and am wearing them right now. It is like walking on clouds.

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Decluttering: taking another bag of stuff to the chairty shop and starting another bag off to take next week
  • Making use of what I already have: rediscovering and cleaning up a pair of comfy shoes for walking and mooching around
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4 thoughts on “Day 91: These [shoes] were made for walking

  1. apieceofwood

    You are doing so well – you are nearly there at your 100!

  2. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Wow – gold star for decluttering efforts this week!

  3. Do you have a consignment shop you can take your clothing to? I took a bunch of my winter things to a local consignment shop — these were things that were in great condition, still pretty stylish, but they just weren’t my style. Anyhow, I’ve made $100 already! I’m not collecting spring/summer things to take to the store.

  4. shoestringalley

    There used to be one but it closed down 😦 They are such a great idea!

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