Day 80: On the road

On week long holidays we would usually hire a car for the week. However, in effort to make the most of our budget, we decided to hire a car for just 2 days. After wandering around all of the local car hire places we discovered that they all charged exactly the same prices so we hired a car with the smallest engine available (better on fuel!) and headed for the mountains. After getting purpously and enjoyably lost in the winding roads we found ourselves in Pyli and stopped for a cold drink. The cafe was gorgeous – covered in flowers and greenery with the blue and white Greek flag waving jauntily on the roof. Local people sat gesticulating and arguing contendly over coffee while an old lady sat at a shady table in the corner sorting through a large pile of vegetables. The owner gave us a free plate of fruit picked from his garden that morning – a delicious golden apricot and a pile of juicy green plums. We explored the village by foot and peeked through the windows of semi-ruined abondoned houses. I want this one…


We went to Kos town and visited (amongst other things) the Castle of St John and walked around the back streets. In the evening we headed for the hills again, this time going to Zia which is the highest mountain village on the island and is famous for its sunsets…


From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Holiday shoestring: Free fruit plate lunch and getting the most fuel friendly car available
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