Day 79: We arrive!

We arrived in Kos in the early hours of the morning and got transfered to our apartment in a small fishing village. I woke up after a couple of hours and took a peek out of the balcony door to see dark hills looming against a peachy sky before falling asleep again. When we finally woke up we discovered that the hills belong to an island (Kalymnos) and that we have gorgeous sea views. Later in the morning we went for a walk across the perfect white sand, warm and powdery underfoot. The strength of the wind was incredible, flinging the sand against our skin like needles and rolling along the beach in huge clouds.

After stopping for an iced coffee we went to one of the local shops and bought a giant watermelon, bottled water and fruit juice.


We had planned on paying extra for the airconditioning and security deposit box in the room. However, when we arrived we discovered that the balcony had a mesh door which woud let cool air in but keep insects out so we decided to do without the air con. Despite the wind it was extremely hot (somewhere in the high 30s) so we spent most of the day reading by the pool. Due to the heat we weren’t very hungry so we skipped breakfast and lunch, feasting on delicious juicy watermelon instead. In the evening we went to a small taverna and had Stifado (a beef, shallot and tomato stew) served with green beans grown in the owners garden. Every where we went we were reminded how friendly and welcoming Greek people are.

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Holiday shoestring: buying provisions from the shop instead of going out for breakfast and lunch
  • Making the most of what I already have: using the mesh door instead of paying extra for air conditioning
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