Day 71: A frilly umbrella

When I woke up to pouring rain this morning did I feel depressed? Nope. I remembered that a week today I will be getting on a plane and heading for blue skies. The rain just made me feel extra brilliant for having booked the trip. That said, I’m still trying to shoestring it as much as possible. For my holidays of yesteryear I would always have bought myself a stack of new books. Admittedly some of these would have been from charity shops or second hand from Amazon but money would still have been changing hands. This time I am doing things differently. I am taking one book from my ‘to read’ shelf and this morning I went to the library and took out two novels and then went to my friends house who lent me another two to take. This means I have a total of 5 unread novels – for free!

Then Husband and I went to the ‘big’ shops. I took back the dress from last week and exchanged it for another one, which was cheaper than the original so I got a £4 refund. I also got some great bargains: a scarf reduced to £1, sunglasses £2, another very silly pair of sunglasses £1, 2 skinny belts (mine broke last year and I hadn’t gotten around to replacing it) £1.50 each and a very gorgeous cami for only £4. I also noticed that my shampoo soap bar from Lush was broken into 3 pieces this morning (this is what happens when you share stuff with boys). It is clearly coming towards the end of its lifespan and, as we don’t go to the ‘big’ shops that often anymore, I decided to pop into Lush and replace it.  I had a quick look in WH Smith and saw that they had a ‘Buy one, get one half price’ offer on books. After a quick scan of the shelves I found two that would make good presents and, even though I probably shouldn’t be spending any more this month, I bought them to go in the gift box anyway.

It was kind of weird to be going back around the shops again. On one hand I saw quite a lot of things I would have liked. On the other, I got quickly irritated by trying things on, waiting in queues and slopping through the rainy streets with my jeans sticking wetly to my legs and chaffing my skin. Husband and I went our seperate ways around the shops and met up again on the High Street. I found him stood outside H&M looking distinctly grumpy and…holding a brand new frilly umbrella. Taking in the look on his face, I decided not to comment and we started making our way to the cinema. Then he explained that he had dived into the nearest shop when it started raining again and grabbed the nearest, black umbrella. It was only when he got outside and put it up that he realised it was trimmed with a rather fetching frill. Fortunately his sense of humour got the better of him (though I don’t think he’ll be taking it to work on Monday)…

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Doing things for free: getting a free stack of books for the holiday
  • Considered spending: taking back a dress that wasn’t right (instead of keeping it in the bac of a drawer for 3 years before throwing it out) and replacing it with one I’ll actually wear
  • Gift box: two more presents!
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3 thoughts on “Day 71: A frilly umbrella

  1. You can adopt the frilly umbrella for yourself therefore you didn’t buy it so it was free!

    Love the gift box idea! And well done on the bargins!

    Where are you going on the holiday

  2. thefrenchchick

    I quite agree with missy. A brand new umbrella for you! How thoughtful of him 🙂

  3. shoestringalley

    Oh yes- that umbrella has got my name on it!

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