Day 70: Meal plan

Okay, today is actually day 71 but I got distracted last night (I discovered the draft of ‘Midnight Sun’ on Stephenie Meyer’s website and sat transfixed until I had read all 264 pages – this won’t mean anything to non-Twilight fans…) and so I’m only just getting around to posting now. I did the shop last night, though it came in a bit over budget:

  • bag of spuds £1.39
  • Punnet of strawberries £2
  • Pepper 80p
  • 2 courgettes 66p
  • apples £2.22
  • swiss roll 19p
  • bananas £1.16
  • 12 sausagaes £4.50 (on offer)
  • mince beef £2.99
  • vine tomatoes £1.70
  • sweeteners £1.75
  • onions 70p
  • 4 pints semi-skimmed milk £1.53
  • bread 45p

Total £22.04

Todays food: pretty much the same as the rest of the week: I chopped up all of the remaining fruit and took a big fruit salad to work and then had my usual ryvittas, soft cheese and cucumber. I also had some birthday cake at work. For dinner we had eggs on toast (not exactly a balanced meal perhaps, but one of my favourite things in the world) and Husband bought a trifle! This means I have £20.90 for the rest of the month. However, this is going to be a bit different than I had originally planned as we are now going away for a week. I think I will use some of what is left to buy food to pack for when we arrive (in the middle of the night – ugh) and leave the rest for when we get home…

I will be using the above plus things I already have for the following meals in the next week:

  • Spaghetti bolognese
  • Bangers, mash and onion gravy
  • chicken curry (from the freezer)
  • Cauliflower cheese (from the freezer)
  • Jacket potatoes and either beans & cheese or tuna mayo

We are eating at friends houses on a couple of nights which I always factor in when planning meals for the week.

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Planning: doing the shopping & making a meal plan for the week
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