Day 69: Holiday planning

I started planning what I needed to take with me for our holiday today, seeing if I actually did need to buy anything. I’ve never decided to go abroad on the spur of the moment before. In the past the advent of going abroad necessitated a major shopping trip – new clothes, new accessories, probably a bag and almost certainly a host of new toiletries & make-up.  Well there certainly won’t be a major shop this time! For over a decade I have been abroad once, twice and sometimes even three times a year and I have learnt a few things about myself as a packer that I am trying to bear in mind. These things include the following:

  • No matter how many lovely outfits I might take with me, I end up wearing virtually the same thing every day – whatever is flavour of the month. Therefore, there is no point taking anything other than a few favourite items.
  • There is no point (for me) in taking heeled sandals. I get this idea in my head that we might go somewhere glam and then remember when we arrive that we always book accommodation in quiet places that don’t require dressing-up thus rendering the heels pointless. In ten years of holidays to sunny places I have always taken heels and in ten years I have not worn them once. Talk about a waste of space!
  • I seem to think that I am going to want to wear a lot of jewellery (I am a bit of an accessories freak). In fact, when the weather is hot the last thing I want is to have anything around my neck or wrists. I might wear some earrings etc in the evening but that is about it. So there is no point in taking anything other than a couple of items.
  • If you are going to arrive at your apartment in the middle of the night you won’t be able to get any food or drink until the morning. I always remember to pack a few cartons of fruit juice and some Tracker-type bars which seem to travel quite well. Maybe some crisps. Unfortunately anything of a non-junk food nature seems not to fare well with heat and a bumpy ride!
  • I need to take several books. I read fast and get bored easily, thus need at least five novels as well as a guidebook for a week away. I also need a novel for the flight as, while I’m not a nervous flyer, I’m not mad keen on it either after the novelty of the first twenty minutes.

So today I started by looking at my washbag. Thanks to my recent decluttering efforts it was easy to find everything. On my lunchbreak I popped into Boots and was very nearly lured into buying some shower gel for the holiday. They had one of my favourites – coconut and almond and it was only £1.16. While £1.16 is a drop in the ocean compared to spending money on a last-minute unplanned holiday I decided against it. I am still very much committed to not buying anything I don’t really need or want. I have 3 soaps left and I had been saving my last unopened shower gel until I had used all the soap up but I am going to take it with me (I can’t take a soap as I don’t have a travel soap dish and leaving it behind afterwards would be a waste). A brief investigation of my bathroom drawers revealed a pleasing quantity of sunscreen and after-sun lotion so I don’t actually need to buy any toiletries at all for this trip – result! This must be the first time ever.  

I might have to head for the clothes shops again this weekend. Remember I bought the dress last weekend? Well I took it out of the bag last night to try it on and it looked really baggy and unflattering – not at all how it looked in the changing room. I had put it down while I was browsing and wondered if I had picked up the wrong size so I checked the label. The size was correct. However, it does appear that I managed to purchase an item of clothing from the maternity range. I believe I have mentioned my tendancy to be disasterous as a clothes shopper.  This is a fairly typical example. I’m going to take it back and get something else. Ideally I would like to replace it and get one extra cheapy dress. I’ll let you know how I get on…

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Making use of what I already have: resisting the urge to buy holiday toiletery treats & using up what I already own

PS I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten to post what I’ve been having & how I’ve been using the food from my shop so here goes:

Yesterday: Cereal for breakfast, 2 apples, banana, 1/2 galia melon, ryvittas with soft cheese, cucmber and tomatoes and dinner at my parents house

Today: Cereal for breakfast, 1 banana, a few strawberries and some melon mixed with yoghurt, ryvitta, soft cheese and cucumber. We haven’t eaten dinner yet but we’ll be having a home-made lasagne that I took out of the freezer this morning

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4 thoughts on “Day 69: Holiday planning

  1. heehee. no wonder it was baggy and unflattering!! Good luck finding a replacement.

  2. Great packing rules to live by. I managed to pack well for our trip to New York. Everything was simple, but also mix and match.

    Have you mentioned where you’re going on holiday?

  3. shoestringalley

    RML: lol, I’ll let you know how I get on!

    Kirwin: Nice work with the packing. I’m off to one of the Greek Islands…yippee!

  4. Hope you have a fantastic holiday – sounds like you’re really well organised with everything. I haven’t had a holiday for four years now and I really really want one. Keep on nagging P about it but still not sure if this will be another holiday-free summer or not – I really hope not!!

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