Day 66: A clear view

I thought I was going to melt at work today – black trousers and proper shoes were not a good idea! If this weather carries on I’m going to have to cave in and buy summer shoes sooner than I thought…

Well, the work has been done on the house. We remortgaged last year (our fixed rate ran out) and borrowed a bit extra to get our bedroom windows replaced (and for a few other bits actually but they’ll be a jobs for another day). Our old widows were really awful. We have two in the main bedroom – one didn’t close properly (fun in winter) and the other had murky old secondary glazing which meant you could never really see through it properly. The one in the second bedroom was just very old. Mysterious black stuff used to gather aroud the edges and it let all of the heat out so that room was always freezing. I’m hoping that the new double glazing will help cut down on our winter heating bills and will definitely be a good selling point whenever the time comes. We’ve moved most of the furniture back into place though we’ve still got to put up the curtain poles and re-hang the curtains. Ugh. Anway, now the windows are done we can start thinking about doing some painting…

I said I’d report on my food shopping/meal planning so I will, though I can’t say it was very exciting today 🙂 . Cereal for breakfast again (it is always some kind of cereal so you can take that for granted in later posts!). In my packed lunch box I had 6 ryvittas, a tub of low-fat soft cheese and 6 gorgeous and perfectly sweet piccolo tomatoes. I also took two apples, a banana, a scone and a baby tupperware filled with 1/4 galia melon, a few grapes and a spoonful of plain yoghurt. Yum. Felt like I was eating all day and wasn’t hungry at all so I wasn’t even slightly tempted to take a stroll into town and buy biscuits (which is where the spare pennies in my general spending fund have been going lately)! As we have had a lot of post-window fitting clearing up to do (as well as band practice later on) we have had a simple dinner of jacket potatoes, baked beans and my favourite cheddar. I used two very large potatoes, 1 tin of beans and 1/3 of a block of cheese. This means that each meal cost 97p. It could have been cheaper. It is actually much more expensive in Tesco to buy two baking potatoes than a whole bag of regular spuds. The trouble is that I know I won’t use up the other potatoes so it seems like such a waste -I really don’t like throwing food away, even if it saves me money! Anyone got any thoughts on which way is better?!


From the challenge-a-day list

  • Home Improvements: getting the windows replaced
  • Doing things for free: band practice later this evening
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4 thoughts on “Day 66: A clear view

  1. Re, the potatoes- could you make a potato soup and freeze it for example ?- or see the tortilla recipe I wrote about yesterday 🙂

  2. have several smaller baked potatoes? I make potato cakes with left over mash. or make a shepherds pie for the freezer?

  3. thefrenchchick

    Make hash browns from the extra potatoes or shred them into an egg bake for a nice brunch dish. Love the soup idea too.

  4. shoestringalley

    Great ideas folks – thanks very much! I’ll get the big bag next time!

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