Day 65: A new dress


Had a great night last night courtesy of friends, a BBQ and two guitars. I seem to have got a lot done today. We went to see some friends who live about an hour away and I combined the trip with a stop at the shops. I’ve been wanting to get to the shops (haven’t been since January!) but decided to wait until we were already going in that direction to save on petrol and parking. I timed it pretty well. The weather here was scorching today and yet I was melting in a vest and jeans because I don’t have a cool summer dress. I had planned to buy one anyway so I went and got a lovely, simple black cotton dress and it was only £16.99. Next time there is a sweltering day I’ll have something to wear! I’d like to get a smart summer dress for work too but that’ll be another day. We’re having some work done on the house tomorrow so we also had to do a lot of shifting around of furniture but at least it is done. Not looking forward to putting it all back tomorrow though…

We were both feeling a little on the fragile side this morning (vodka + very late night + waking up very early due to toothache = tired) so I didn’t end up eating until lunchtime and I only had a bowl of cereal followed by an apple. I’m ready for my dinner now though. Am so glad I made the chicken curry yesterday – all I have to do is boil some rice!

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Home Improvements: getting ready for things to be done…
  • Nifty thrifty/considered spending: getting a bargain summer dress and saving petrol and parking money by waiting until we were already going to the nearest big town
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One thought on “Day 65: A new dress

  1. Wearing dresses is my absolute favorite thing about summer! It’s so nice because it’s one outfit, it is light and cool, and can be fancy or casual based on how you match it with shoes and accessories. Good job on the goals! I have been MIA with commenting lately but read all of your posts in the last week and you’re doing awesome on your goals. Good job! 🙂

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