Day 63: Part 2 – Robbed by a machine!

I am in a ‘I hate Tesco’ rage. I have just been ripped off for £20. I arrived at the checkout to discover that there were no staff at all serving – something I find incredible. I had to scan through a huge trolley full of food at the ridiculous self-serve checkout, constantly interrupted by a patronising electronic voice that told me I was putting unauthorised goods on the conveyor belt (I wasn’t), refusing to acknowledge bar codes and telling me I had not put my grapes on the scale when they were blatantly already sat there. I was relieved when I had scanned the last item. My relief was short-lived. The total came to £84.63 so I diligently fed in 5 £20 notes. Mum was there – she watched me do it. And yet the damn thing insisted I had put in only £80. I know for a fact that I put in £100. Some of you might remember me explaining my purse system. When I got paid yesterday I took out £120 in cash for my groceries for the month. It went straight into a particular purse I have that never contains anything but my grocery money. I checked it before I left the house. It contained £120. I was left with £20. I know I put in £100. A member of staff (who clearly thought I was trying it on) wrote my name and telephone number in a book and told me they would call me in the morning when it had been checked. I don’t hold out much hope. Maybe I can get them to check their security cameras. I am never, ever using one of those bloody things again.

Anyway. The shop. It came to £84.63 which seems rather a lot. However, some of this will be replaced by my general spending fund as I bought a couple of extra bits and bobs (like cotton wool, food to have with friends at a BBQ etc) which I don’t take out of my food fund. With those items deducted (£7.47) my shop total came to £77.06 which leaves me around £15 a week for the rest of the month. If Tesco don’t refund my £20 then I’ll just have to replace it out of what I would have saved (grrr).

Here’s what I bought:

  • 9 tins of sardines in tomato sauce (Husband’s current favourite thing to have at lunchtime) on offer – £3
  • 80 Redbush tea bags £3.19
  • 2 x egg noodles £2
  • Mayo 96p
  • 6 tins chopped tomatoes £2.46
  • cornflour 43p
  • Knorr chicken stock cubes, large pack (I tried the own-brand ones last month but didn’t like them) £1.49 
  • binliners £1.78
  • Hot chocolate £1.17
  • Bran flakes 85p
  • 4 packs of Ryvitta £3.08
  • wholewheat pasta 74p
  • 9 loo rolls £1.99
  • Falafel mix 99p
  • 80 decaff tea bags £1.58
  • 2 blackcurrant squash £2.14
  • sultanas £1.38
  • scones 32p
  • 6 wholemeal pitta bread 47p
  • 6 chicken breasts & 3 lamb steaks on offer – £10
  • 4 packs of butter £3.36
  • sugar 93p
  • green beans £1
  • 3 different packs of soft cheese £2.41
  • organic plain yoghurt £1.39
  • soy sauce 78p
  • 2 tins tuna £1.56
  • tomato ketchup 85p
  • curry powder £1.19
  • swiss roll 13p
  • 6 free range eggs £1.42
  • 4 pints semi-skimmed milk £1.53
  • 12 white rolls on offer £1
  • strawberries £1.99
  • 1/2 cucumber 35p
  • 2 little gem lettuces 88p
  • chives 68p
  • onions on offer £1
  • piccolo tomaotes £1.28
  • 12 gala apples £2.94
  • 2 galia melons on offer £2.50
  • bananas 86p
  • baking potatoes £1.12
  • grapes £1.32
  • 2 packs organic cheddar £3.18
  • 3 tins baked beans 87p
  • 2 tins sweetcorn 66p

This will keep us going for ages! I’m going to try to post everyday on what meals we’ve managed to make out of this so I can make sure I’m making the most of everything I’ve bought and the things I already had. And also to make sure I’m not buying too many naughty extras from my general spending fund…

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6 thoughts on “Day 63: Part 2 – Robbed by a machine!

  1. hollyjune

    Regardless of whether you get your money back or not I think you should write a letter of complaint to that store for not having any staff on. Those self scan checkouts are supposed to be for a basket full of items, not a full trolley load and if you tried to put a load like that through during the day they’d tell you to go to a proper checkout.

    Write and tell them how ridiculous you think it is and hopefully they’ll give you something nice back in return.

    Since I am only usually buying a few items I always use a self scan so on the flip side it drives me mental when I start work early, the self scans aren’t on yet and they’ve got one checkout open in a shop that has over 30. That is also ridiculous!

    Fingers crossed for getting your money back.

  2. Hope you get your money back too and I think HollyJune´s advice about writing a letter of complaint is spot on.

    I would be very interested to read all the meals you prepare from the above and what you need to add to it over the next month.

  3. Don’t leave this, ring the store immediately and ask for the Store Manger(not checkout) , do not stop ringing until you have spoken to him. Managers always work Saturdays, it is their busiest day.

  4. shoestringalley

    Thanks all! I had to phone Tesco twice before someone phoned me back to tell me I was wrong (quite rudely and defensively actually). Very annoying. I am always happy to admit if I have made a mistake but I am convinced I have not. Mum saw me put the money in. I know exactly how much I had on me. It doesn’t add up – no matter what they say. I have emailed my complaint to Tesco customer services. Let’s see if I hear anything back…

  5. thefrenchchick

    That’s awful. I hope you have better luck with the written complaint.

  6. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    I can sympathise with you on this one. I had a similar experience in Tesco last year. I went through a manned checkout and asked for £20 cashback, which when I got home, I realised they hadn’t given me, although I had been charged for it. I phoned them up, they said they’d call back the following day when they’d checked it, and never did. After THREE more phone calls, they told me I was mistaken, as there was no discrepancy in their till. I hit the roof, and they eventually gave me the £20 back ‘as a goodwill gesture’. Bloody cheek.

    Do let us know what happens with your written complaint.

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