Day 56: See-food diet


I can’t believe I am over half way with the 100 day challenge. I haven’t been especially good today in that I haven’t done anything specifically shoestringish. Well I sort of did. We got rid of an old TV. It was in perfect working order but we really don’t need/want two TVs (we never get around to watching much – we’re mainly DVD fans) and no-one seems to be able to sell old TVs anymore. So I’ve been hanging on to it in case we knew anyone that needed one. Anyway, a friend of a friend has just moved to the area, doesn’t have much stuff and very gratefully took it off our hands earlier today. This has retrieved a bit of space so I suppose that can come under the heading of ‘decluttering’!

I did the food shop this evening and ended up having to use some of my general spending fund as a top up. It’s funny – this is the first month I’ve really gone over my food budget and yet I had the largest food budget this month since the shoestringing began. I expect this is just down to not being as careful. I know why it cost so much. I bought raspberries, blueberries and mixed seafood, none of which are exactly budget friendly. However, having just eaten an excellent seafood risotto (I am seriously into the risotto thing at the moment) and a bowl of berries and yoghurt I can’t really say I regret it – it all tasted too good for that! However, next month I think the budget is going to go back down a bit and I’ll plan these foodie treats a bit more carefully.

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Decluttering: getting rid of an unwanted television
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3 thoughts on “Day 56: See-food diet

  1. hollyjune

    I used to feel bad about spending a lot of money on food too, particularly when you see that other PF bloggers are getting their weekly budget down to £15!!!

    However, I love food and I think it’s one of the best things in the world to spend money on. I don’t splash out but I also don’t beat myself up for buying fresh fruit and veg (sometimes v. pricey!) or nice meat and fish.

    I’d go nuts very quickly if I was just eating pulses and rice every day. Try having cheap meals one day then slightly less cheap ones the next. But most of all, don’t feel guilty, there’s just no point!

  2. I have had my risotto ingredients for almost a week now, and it still hasn’t been made. Last night, we ended up going out for sushi with my sister and her fiancee. Tonight, we’re having a BBQ at my parent’s house…maybe Monday evening will be risotto?

    Ummm…raspberries…I can eat those like candy. They are perfect.

    I love that you saved your TV until you found a person who needed it. One less thing in the landfill this year, and I’m sure your friend is stoked!

  3. shoestringalley

    Holly: Yup, it’s all about balance – isn’t everything?! I had raspberries and blueberries for breakfast this morning. Mmmm….

    Kirwin: Hope you’ll be posting a pic when you finally get around to making your risotto! I’m with you on the raspberries 🙂

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