Days 54 & 55: There’s something in the cupboard

My project over the past two days has been clearing out one of our under-stair cupbaords. It has not been fun! I’m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel though. It now only contains the things that are going to be staying. I used £20 from our house fund to buy four large plastic boxes with lids to store things in. I have one for Christmas decorations – the other three contain tools and various DIY bits and bobs. It is looking fairly neat and tidy though there is still a crate of pictures and frames that I need to sort through. At least I can find them now though. The plan is to get a small piece of lino for the floor and to paint the inside of the cupboard white. I’m not exactly sure when this will happen – I’m hoping I might get chance to get going with the paint this weekend.

I also made a trip to the dump today and got rid of a load of cardboard boxes, random bits of wood and general junk. We need to do several more trips but it feels good to have got the first one out of the way. I’m also planning to take some of my books to the charity shop. I don’t think I’ll ever get around to listing them on Amazon and the piles waiting to go are seriously beginning to get in the way. I can’t wait until everything on the house list is DONE. I think it’s going to take rather a while though…

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3 thoughts on “Days 54 & 55: There’s something in the cupboard

  1. Polly

    Keep it up! I’ve just started my decluttering mission and my under stairs area isn’t boxed in so it was in dire need of some attention!

  2. take the books to charity. get them out of the way. feel good that you are helping someone somewhere. somethings just have to shift. (o m i god – our understair cupboard is a right state – well done for tackling that! seriously give yourself a break on the amazoning of the piles of books! you deserve it!

  3. shoestringalley

    Polly: At least I can close the door on mine! Good luck with the decluttering 🙂

    Mo: I think you are right. The charity shop will probably be having a visit from me soon!

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