Days 47, 48 & 49


Well, I haven’t been around in blogland for a few days but I’ve still been keeping up with the challenge-a-day. The lurgie is still lurking and my tooth is still waking me up every night so I feel seriously tired at the moment. We haven’t got people coming over tonight and I’ve just done the housework. If I can summon up the energy I’ll go and do the weekly shop in a little while. Then I can crash on the sofa with husband and watch the latest offering from Lovefilm. Bliss!

I’ve purchased the first addition to my summer wardrobe. Topshop are currently doing a great offer on basic V-neck vests – £6 for 1 or 2 for £9. I ordered one in black and one in red. The fit is fantastic and they are nice and long, so very flattering! I also bought a necklace in their sale, to wear for gigs, which was reduced to just £4 (see photo for purchases). I’m really pleased with my haul as I can create lots of new outfits from these 3 simple things. I may have a couple more vests next month as it is rare to find something that fits me so well. Total spend just £13!

After picking up a tip from Recessionista I also looked into the new Freedom packages being offered by Vodafone for Pay As You Go customers such as myself. I’m giving it a go. The ‘pack’ lasts 30 days and my £10 buys me 300 texts and 100 minutes talk time. As I only really use my mobile phone for recieving calls and sending texts my credit usually all goes on texting. Previously this was costing me 10p per text which means my £10 used to get me 100 texts. Obviously I am now going to be getting a lot more for my money! The only slight drawback is that £10 would often last me a bit longer than 30 days. HOWEVER. The biggest expense on our landline bill comes from calls to mobile phones. So we can actually save money by using the 100 minutes I am getting as part of my package. I made the effort to go into town at lunchtime to buy my top up voucher from Boots so I could get the points on my Advantage card again. I now have £35.80 saved to spend in Boots on a rainy day.

Today I made a start on decluttering the second bedroom. This room gives me the fear. It is bursting with junk and I have been too intimidated to deal with it thus far. I’ve decided to tackle it in small chunks and then run away when the fear becomes too great. I started by re-organising part of the massive collection of books that live in there. This job is by no means finished but it looks a lot neater and tidier than before.

I’ve also managed to put another £50 into my saving account!

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Considered spending: 3 new additions to my wardrobe for only £13
  • Nifty thrifty: getting a lot more out of my mobile phone top-up
  • Nifty thrifty: getting my top-up voucher from Boots to get the Advantage card points
  • Financial management: saving £50
  • Decluttering: making a small start on the second bedroom
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3 thoughts on “Days 47, 48 & 49

  1. Well done you on the saving and good purchases with the tops and necklace.
    Good luck with the 2nd bedroom sort out, remember be strict with yourself!

  2. Great news on the purchases, a real bargain!
    So pleased you took up this offer on the phone and try not to use the landline for calls to mobiles, my bill was so high because of this, that was the main reason I went to contract mobile!

  3. I love the tops and the necklace. We don’t have a TopShop here in CA, but it looks fun. I see it mentioned in the magazines all the time.

    You’re funny about the second bedroom. I know the feeling — I tell myself that I just have to clear 5 items or 10 items, or whatever. Every little bit is progress, so good for you!

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