Day 46: A little spend

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Today I bought my first magazine since January! Actually, it’s been a bit of a shopping day generally as I also had to buy some conditioner and a new foot pumice stone thing as well. I’ve been quite enjoying using up all of my bathroom things instead of going out and buying stuff. I already have a large, deep drawer in the bathroom full of ‘stuff’ – I think of it as my shop, which I only visit when I’ve run out of something on the shelf. I have/had a large collection of travel sized products which I am slowly making my way through. I don’t know why I thought having so many mini versions of products was a great idea. Some, I’ll admit, come in handy for a night away. I have small bottles for toner and eye make-up remover which can be refilled so are very handy. But how much hassle is it to actually pack a normal sized plastic bottle of shampoo when you are going away for a whole week? I’m hanging on to one travel sized shower gel, the little bottles and not much else. I’ve nearly used up all of my travel sized shampoos, though my lush shampoo bar bought at New Year is still going strong. However, I used up the last of my conditioner at the weekend and simultaneously accepted that the pumice stone was functioning no more. Even so, space is appearing in the drawer! Eventually I hope to have only one of each thing (unless I’m stocking up with BOGOFs etc) and each of those things to be something that I really like.  

Anyway, the magazine. I’ve been rummaging around online looking for interiors inspiration and found some good ideas but I really fancied sitting down and pouring over a magazine. One of my funny little decluttering projects has been ridding the house of several years worth of magazines. After going through the main stacks I thought I had them all, but they keep appearing in strange places. A few years ago I bought a large, spiral topped notepad and used it to collect photos of interiors I liked which came in very handy. I came across this notepad a while ago. Some of the photos seemed quite dated but some still appealed. My first instinct was to buy a new notepad and start again but, in the spirit of shoestring, I carefully removed the photos I didn’t like anymore. I then went through each old magazine before throwing it away and cut out any photos that gave me ideas and glued them into my book. So I’ll be getting my money’s worth out of this glossy investment with the aid of a pair of scissors and a pritt stick!

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Making use of what I already have: re-using my ‘Interiors’ notepad
  • Doing things for free: spending a little time on my free internet course
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