Day 45: Ta da!


I’ve finished the bookmark for Gran’s birthday – woo hoo! With a couple of weeks to spare too. Phew.

I’ve been doing more plotting re. home improvements. I know that I need to stop thinking about everything that needs to be done and focus on one room / area at a time. I’ve picked the spare bedroom as project number 1. It is laughably small – around 6′ x 10′ I think. At the moment it is home to a futon sofa bed, a built-in floor to ceiling cupboard/wardrobe, a bookcase, book shelves, a desk and a filing cabinet. I want to make it look more like a room than a cramped cell which is going to take some doing (particularly as the windowsill is at chest height). For a while I considered getting rid of the cupboard to give a bit more floor space (and because it is ugly) but I am almost entirely decided that I am not going to do it. It would mean ripping holes in the wallpaper on two walls and the ceiling which, in turn, would mean taking all of the wallpaper off and getting someone in to replaster (I know it would need this – I’ve seen underneath the wallpaper in other parts of the house). This would also mean having to put up with all of the furniture in our bedroom while the various bits of work (cupboard dismantling, plastering, painting, re-carpeting etc) was going on. I can’t face it. Plus, the ugly cupboard offers good storage. So I think it is staying. Tonight I’m going to start making a serious list of all of the things that need to be done…

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Gift box / Making use of the things I already have: finishing the cross-stitich book mark for Gran (which I meant to do about 5 years ago – better late than never!)
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4 thoughts on “Day 45: Ta da!

  1. RML

    That´s really pretty! I´m sure she wil love it. Thanks for showing me the finished result!

  2. Have you thought about painting or decorating the cupboard? There are some amazing things that you can do with wallpaper. I’ve seen some gorgeous projects where people have papered the door/drawer fronts of wardrobes to make them look incredible.

    Can’t think of any links off hand but have a look at and the DIY / Before and After pages to get some inspiration.

    Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s a small room, there are lots of ways to make space!!

  3. That bookmark is so lovely!

  4. shoestringalley

    Thanks for the comments on my bookmark – I’m really pleased I got it done after all this time!

    Holly: I’ve had some vague thoughts about what I’m going to do. As it is a small space I think I’m going to keep it simple in terms of a colour scheme. I’ll post when I’m decided! I’ll definitely have a look at the website you mentioned – thanks for the tip 🙂

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