Day 44: At the wheel

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I’ve been a proper good girl today – I finally got around to cleaning my car! Yup, I brought in the last of the random bags of things I sorted out. Then I went to my parents house and used all of their fabulous car cleaning equipment (with rather a lot of help from Dad). It looks sparkly and new. I must not let it get in that state again. I literally have no recollection of when it was last cleaned out. The fact that I found my ‘lost’ sunglasses from last summer in the boot is probably a good indicator! Came home with the above, gorgeous bunch of lily-of-the-valley from my parents garden – it smells heavenly.

I’m feeling a lot better today though still rather washed out. Was woken up by tooth ache AGAIN at 6am. I got up, took some painkillers, watched a documentary on bbc iplayer and then took myself off back to bed. Because I’ve got to used to getting up and about earlier than I used to it has been a real effort to make myself take things easy the past couple of days. I managed to stay in bed until gone 10am. I think the rest is definitely doing me some good – I really dont want this thing to drag on too long.

Felt a bit perkier this evening so had some friends up for dinner and a movie – very laid back and non-demanding! One more decent nights sleep and I’m hoping I’ll be over the worst of this bug…

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Decluttering: my car is officially cleared out, hoovered up and cleaned from top to bottom!
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