Day 42: Free learning!


I did something today I’ve been meaning to do for ages – sign up for a free ‘course’ with the Open University. From what I gather, these are basically units taken from the paid-for courses, including some that have been discontinued. There are a massive range of subjects on offer, perfect for dipping a toe in here and there. There are no marked assignments or anything like that – just course material and a few exercises. Each unit is supposed to equate to around 12 hours of study time. I actually did my degree with the Open University and have been toying with the idea of doing one of these taster-style courses for a while, just to keep my hand in. If anyone is interested you can check it out at: .

I also had my visit to the dentist today, resulting in a filling being replaced. I hope it puts an end to the tooth ache – it woke me up at 5.45am. I was not impressed. My mouth has gone from numb to tingly now, so I’m hoping I won’t have to be drinking tea through a straw for much longer! Alas, I have to go back at the end of next month as I seem to have chipped a different tooth altogether (ah, the joys of teeth grinding).

I’ve started thinking about what things I might want to buy for my summer wardrobe. I think I mentioned before that I have very little in the way of summer footwear – two items to be exact, and both are falling to pieces. I really ought to have replaced them last year but hey-ho. I’ve had a tentative look on the internet and have spied some interesting sale activity at . I’ve also spied an offer at Topshop where you can have two vests for £9. I’m not buying anything until I am a) sure that my savings are on track and b) have thought very carefully about what I really want. I say want instead of need because, clearly, I already have clothes. That said, I’m not particularly into wearing things that are coming apart / don’t fit me properly / look ragged and scruffy! I’ve actually done pretty well this year. I last bought clothes in January – a pair of dark blue skinny jeans (£25) and a black cardi (£8) for work (I don’t count the two items of underwear as I really needed those!). I don’t want a lot. I’m thinking a couple of vests or a T-shirt, a skirt or a dress and some shoes. Finances allowing, I’d also like a new necklace or pair of earrings to update some of my plain basics (which is like having a whole new outfit in my book!). At the weekend I’ll have a good look through my summer stuff and see what I’ve got…

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Doing things for free: signed up for a free course
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3 thoughts on “Day 42: Free learning!

  1. The free study sounds fantastic- let us know what you decide on!

    Good luck deciding what you want for your wardrobe, footwear sounds like a must and then you can have fun deciding on the other pieces once you go through your wardrobe. There is nothing wrong with getting rid of anything raggedy or scruffy. Especially t-shirts and vests which usually wear faster than bottoms 🙂

  2. I went to the dentist today, too, and I feel pretty darn proud of myself, because I HATE the dentist!! I have a few things to fix in my mouth, and I had him list it in order of importance. I plan to actually follow up with the plan this time. ; )

    Your free study sounds very, very cool. I’ve never heard of anything like that here in the States.

  3. shoestringalley

    R: I’ll be posting on this soon!

    Kirwin: The free study, I think, is available to anyone in any location so you could always have a peek – it entirely online.

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