Day 35: April round-up

Compared to last month I seem to have got LOADS done so the challenge-a-day seems to really be working. Rather than getting myself stressed with too many lists it has been really easy to find time for just one thing to do. Here’s what I’ve done:


  • finished the living room
  • started the landing
  • finished the kitchen
  • made a feeble start on the car
  • organised DVDs and threw out cases to create more space
  • clearing out old nail varnishes
  • finished the main bedroom

Financial management

  • just about stayed in budget for general spending fund and food fund
  • saved £500
  • cancelled contact lenses, saving £18 per month after last payment in June
  • phoned in gas and electric meter readings

Making the most of what I already have:

  • cross stitch
  • removing used pages from notepads and creating a ‘fresh’ stack of stationery supplies
  • put together a home spa pack from what I already have
  • put together a manicure set
  • polished all of my shoes and boots
  • collected together candles, fairy lights etc and created a party pack
  • sewed a bead back on a top
  • mended two strings of beads
  • sorted through all make-up

Doing things for free:

  • went for a picnic
  • two nights out for free in return for playing in band
  • created more free time by reorganising how and when I complete dull chores and errands
  • going to the library
  • reading books I already own
  • playing/practicing bass
  • taking photographs
  • blogging!
  • going for lots of walks


  • making lots and lots of meals for the freezer (saving money by cooking in batches)
  • booked a UK holiday instead of going abroad
  • booked a week off at home
  • made a complete plan of home improvements to be carried out
  • started planning bedroom scheme

Nifty Thrity

  • using £5 Boots voucher to get my usual toner for less than £3
  • finding out about seasonal foods (which, in theory, should be cheaper)
  • planning meals to eliminate waste

Gift box

  • stocked up on wrapping paper
  • I’ve actually lost count of how many things I’ve bought for the box during April!


No spending

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Financial management: Pay day! Yippee! Put together a budget for the month.
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4 thoughts on “Day 35: April round-up

  1. What a fantastic result- you are very inspiring!

    How did the cross stitch bookmark turn out?

  2. shoestringalley

    Ho-hum. It isn’t actually finished. I’ve got about 3 weeks to get it done so I’m not in too much of a panic yet 🙂

  3. that’s so cool. and by limiting it to a challenge a day, you really have got loads and loads done. If I could just take a leaf out of your book. And its good to see a list of things done like that. I like it. I might just try and take that leaf and do a got stuff done list too!!

  4. apieceofwood

    You’re doing really well! Well done!

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