Day 33: Shoestring Spa

I was just too relaxed to post last night! When I decluttered my bathroom a few weeks back I came across a variety of products that I really like but hardly ever use, including a gorgeous clay mask, my favourite body scrub, a couple of sachets of intensive hair conditioner and so on. Last night I had another look through these things that don’t quite fall into the ‘every day’ category of bathroom products. Since I seem to have an excess of washbags I decided to put together my own home spa pack for when I want/need to take a bit better care of myself.


The above photo doesn’t show the half of it! Does anyone else find that they buy things (or used to) to treat themselves but never get around to using it after the first go? Anyway, it seems mad to have all of this lovely stuff at my disposal and never make full use of it – or make the time for myself. So I used up the last bit of my last scented candle and I scrubbed, I exfoliated, I face-packed, I moisturized – the works. Today I am tiny-pored and gleaming. And I didn’t spend a penny!


No spending (again!)

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Making the most of what I already have: putting together (and using!) and home spa pack
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5 thoughts on “Day 33: Shoestring Spa

  1. Good for you, tiny-pored one. I used to buy these sort of things, but I soon realized that I never used them. Also, before kids, I was a teacher, and spa-like gifts are very “in” when it comes to teacher gifts. So…I had loads and load of lavendar-scented this and eucalyptus-scented that.

    I am, actually, in need of a really delicious bubble bath solution. Note to self: go get some!

  2. wow..i must go search my bathroom cupboard. good idea for this weekends organising project..can I pinch it 🙂

  3. shoestringalley

    Kirwin: yes, go and pamper yourself – particularly if you already have supplies! Putting together a ‘me time’ kit is a great reminder to actually use all of the lovely, unused things most of us have lurking somewhere (and to chill out!).

    Laura: Yes please do! Glad you like the idea. It was good to find a frugal activity that doesn’t involve cooking, cleaning and bin liners! Hope you find some nice goodies…

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