Day 32: Keeping it simple

Will it ever be pay day? I just hate five week months. I am beginning to run out of things but I refuse to use my overdraft or take money back out of savings…

I’m still trying to decide on a colour scheme for our bedroom. We have a lot of things (bedding, cushions etc) in dusky purples and lavenders but I’m really bored with it all. However I know it makes sense to use what we’ve got rather than starting from scratch. After scouring the internet AGAIN and finding nothing that really appeals I’ve decided just paint the walls an off-white. Our curtains, carpet and lampshades are all in neutrals anyway. What we really need is a bold print over the mantlepiece which would bring it all together. When we have out week off in June I think we are going to brave the drive to IKEA and see what they’ve got. I just can’t find anything anywhere else that I like. So the foundation of the bedroom will be neutral and any colour and pattern will have to come from accessories. I can’t spend any more time looking at prints and wallpaper – it is driving me mad! Thought I suppose I’ve got no excuse not to start painting now…


Nothing spent

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Planning: making some decisions on how to go forward with redecoration
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3 thoughts on “Day 32: Keeping it simple

  1. apieceofwood

    There are some great prints at IKEA… I can spend hours in that place!

  2. My master bedroom has been the most difficult one to “decorate.” I think we put it off for so long, that I just forgot to think about it. Oops.

  3. shoestringalley

    APOW: I know – I’ve studiously avoided IKEA for a couple of years but I definitely feel a shop coming on. Even with the travel you can still save a fortune and the prints are so gorgeous!

    Kirwin: Why ARE bedrooms so difficult?! Grrrr.

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