Day 30: Food for thought

Meant to post last night but somehow got distracted! I got some foody books from the library yesterday, on the hunt for new ideas. The trouble is, I just don’t know what I want to eat at the moment. If you said I could have anything I wanted in the world I wouldn’t know what my answer would be. Maybe nectarines? Except they aren’t in the shops yet. I think I’m ready for summer food ahead of time! One of the books I got is 100 Health-Boosting Foods which is full of pictures of berries and fruit and salads that all look gorgeous but are only available at crazy prices at the moment. But this is the sort of thing that appeals most. The problem with all of this is that it seems a more expensive way of eating. I’m considering increasing my monthly food budget. For the past couple of months the only fruit I’ve been eating have been apples and bananas with the occasional pear or orange thrown in. I’d love melon or grapes or strawberries but they would tip me over my budget. And yet I know I ‘should’ be eating a better variety of fruit and veg for maximum health benefits. It feels a bit like health v finances.

This winter we’ve done really well out of different casseroles and so on. Because I’ve been making them up in batches and freezing them within a day of purchase there hasn’t been any waste and nothing has the time to go off before it is eaten. This has meant that I only have to shop once a week. If I went down the salad route, most of it wouldn’t last a week (and I obviously can’t freeze it!) so I’d have to shop more often (and I hate food shopping. I also hate putting petrol in the car. And ironing. I was not born to be a domestic goddess of any kind). I’ve also borrowed a couple of other books, which I hope to get some inspiration from. Aside from the naughty biscuity/cakey snacks (which I certainly don’t have every day) I eat relatively healthily and never eat any ready meals. But I’d like to make more of an effort to get a better balance between protein, veg and so on. Not to lose weight but because I know it would be better for me and, as I get older, my palate seems to lean towards healthier foods anyway.

It was nice to have a break from cooking yesterday morning. I got up early and went for a walk over the cliffs to the next town and sat high up watching miniature people pottering about on boats, walking their dogs and enjoying the early morning sunshine. I don’t know where this sudden desire for walking has come from – or how long it will last!



Small pot of vitamins £1.99 – from general spending fund

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Doing things for free: trip to the library and going for a walk
  • Planning: new meal ideas
  • Financial planning: Moved £50 into my savings account taking me to £1000 saved since the beginning of March
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