Day 29: Decluttering and gluttony


The weekly shop came in a little over budget today – £24.56. I bought some treats this week including blueberries. I’ve had a real craving for them for a few weeks but they are always so expensive. I decided to treat myself as I am feeling particularly unhealthy today. I went to a Big Breakfast being held for cancer research. It was £5 per head for a full English (toast and marmalade, tea, orange juice, fried egg, bacon, sausage, fried bread, tomato and mushrooms – delicious but I nearly fell asleep at my desk when I got to work) and I also bought two raffle tickets. I then ate an entire packet of bourbon biscuits in the afternoon. No wonder I am feeling so odd now!

I’ve done the weekly clean too and finally tackled one of my greatest fears – the sofa. Not only is our living room pretty small but it is an odd shape. Our sofa is one of those corner unit things and it is pretty difficult to shift it out of position to clean underneath it. Hence I don’t do it very often, generally settling for trying to shove the vacuum cleaner as far underneath as I can wedge it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I found a magazine from last October, a variety of biros, an empty crisp packet, some board games, scraps of paper, some framed pictures, unidentifiable bits of plastic, a spoon and the bathroom scales (don’t ask). Oh – and a lot of dust. The board games don’t really have any where else to live (neither do the framed pictures or scales) so I wiped them over and slid them back neatly into place after giving the floor a good clean. I also vacuumed under the cushions, finding a lollipop wrapper and 11p for the change jar along the way. Once I finished I realised that the living room is pretty much decluttered now. I’ve done the sideboard and the chest of drawers and the various shelves and surfaces over the past few weeks. I can’t do anymore until we’ve cleared the cupboards under the stairs and done other work on the house so things can be moved around.

I’m having the day off from kitchen duties tomorrow. I am now officially bored with casseroles and the like. I just don’t know what I want to eat at the moment and am out of inspiration. I’ve decided to use my usual ‘slot’ for Saturday cooking to get out my recipe books and go online to figure out some new ideas. Might find time to make some flapjacks though!


Breakfast and raffle tickets£7 from general spending fund

Bourbon biscuits50p from general spending fund

Weekly food shop£24.56 from food fund

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Decluttering: The living room is finished
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